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Dog Bed Covers

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Dog Bed Covers

On those long cold evenings, and during the winter days when you are out at work, one of the most important things for the dog owners among you is knowing that your dog is safe and warm at home. And while dog beds provide comfort, would you really get into your own bed without some form of covering to keep you cosy?

Dog bed covers provide a plethora of different benefits to dog beds, with the main breadth of benefits depending on the style of cover you get, how well fitted it is to the bed, and what material or fabric it is made from.

The benefits of dog bed covers

First and foremost, as with most coverings, dog bed covers are designed to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort which will keep your dog cosy through the cooler days and nights. Not only that but an additional layer of cushioning can serve to make a large bed feel a little closer and more comfortable for a smaller dog, especially if you have chosen a bigger bed with the intention of letting them grow into it. With thick fleecy blankets popping up in both pet stores and homeware stores as more retailers look to capitalise on the rise in popularity of various dog beds and dog accessories, so the range of choices is expanding to include stylish and attractive covers and blankets as well as those which are a little more functional and have other benefits.

Another example of a great benefit which can be brought to your dog bed with the right cover is waterproofing – particularly popular with those who have puppies in their home and who want to protect the bed itself from potential accidents. Puppy training is a long and arduous process – once they get it, they get it – but until then you will want to keep as many soft furnishings as possible protected from the potential upsets. Waterproof covers can also be a good idea as your dog gets older, relieving them of the need to get up and down too often if they struggle with extended movement.

And then we have the aesthetics which come with dog bed covers – and the way that these kinds of covers can be used by homeowners to elevate the appearance of a plain or boring dog bed and make it a little more stylish in line with their own home décor. We are seeing a steady rise in the number of dog bed covers which utilise modern and stylish patterning and designs, as well as neutral and vibrant colours to compliment different styles.

Things to look for in a high quality dog bed cover

Aside from being comfortable and practical, you also want your dog bed cover to be durable. Dogs can have a habit of chewing soft furnishings if they can get away with it, and so it’s important that you ensure the cover you wrap around them is made from a fabric which does not tear too easily. Another thing to consider is the size of the cover and whether you intend it to create a fitted finish on the bed or more of a loose and relaxed finish. Remember that your dog will likely want to snuggle under the covers so you need to leave enough room for them to do so – putting a balanced focus on both aesthetics and also usability from a dog’s point of view.

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