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Dog Accessories

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Dog Accessories

The majority of dog accessories are designed to not only support your dog’s lifestyle and comfort, but also to improve and showcase the connection between you and your dog. They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and with such a wide variety of dog accessories now available across the market, from pet stores to marketplace sites and beyond, there is no argument that it is certainly one of the most active markets out there right now.

From dog beds to dog chews, dental toys, leads and collars, fancy dress outfits and car cages, many of the most popular accessories are part of the ongoing humanisation of our dogs as members of the family – with some creators and small businesses even designing fashion accessories which match a dog with its owner. So, what are the benefits of dog accessories?

The benefits of dog accessories

The benefits of accessories depends largely on the purpose of the accessory and which area of the dog’s life it is designed to support. While some accessories like leads and car cages are designed to ensure safety for the dog and owner, other accessories like personalised bowls and beds are created for optimum comfort and usability.

We tend to find that homeowners are drawn towards the accessories which they believe suit both their dog and their own home and lifestyle – with collars proving one of the most popular accessories for personalisation which allow the owner to select a colour or design on the collar band, before selecting a tag and putting both the name of their dog and the contact number into or on the tag should their dog go missing. Other items which are chosen for their aesthetic appearance include dog beds and home accessories – many of which are now available across a range of different textures and colours to suit various moods and home styles.

Trends in the dog accessories sector

One of the leading trends in the dog accessories sector is the rise of eco-friendly accessories and products which are not only fun but also support the health and wellbeing of your dogs. It is a known fact that dogs need daily walks for exercise, not just to keep them active but also to ensure their joints are maintained. To enhance the experience of those walks, dog throwers and dog toys make excellent interactive toys for your dog to chase. And for those winter walks when it is dark, some of the best accessories are flashing collar lights and reflective collars and harnesses which help your dog to stay visible both to you and to cars passing by.

Another trend in the dog accessories sector links with the rise in humanisation of dogs, with a variety of retailers now stocking everything from bags to harnesses which allow puppies and small dogs to be lifted up and carried by their own – providing them with a great view of the surroundings and enabling people to go on longer walks without worrying about their dog getting tired.

And finally, to the aesthetically pleasing accessories like dog beds and water bowls. One of our top recommendations is to designate a corner of the room which is warm but also close to your living space for your dog’s bed, as they are happiest when in the company of people. It is also worth investing in a mat to sit your dog’s water bowl and food bowl on to catch any spillages, and consider laying towels around the doors where they come in and out to help dry their feet and protect your floors and carpets.

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