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Dog Beds

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Dog Beds

When you first bring your puppy home to the family, it can be very easy to pick up a small puppy bed and watch as your new addition to the family curls up in their cosy little space. However, as with any other pet or family addition, puppies grow, and soon you will find yourself heading back to the pet store in search of a larger bed for your growing dog.

This introduces our very first recommendation for those heading into the dog bed market - don’t buy something small only to find that you have to replace it a few month’s down the line. Buy large and let your pup grow into their bed - with blankets and extra layers creating the perfect nest of warmth that makes even a large bed feel comfortable and snug.

What to look for in a great dog bed

The first thing you will want your dog bed to provide is comfort - with some of the most popular products on the market encompassing fleecy interiors, thick bases and sides, and additional blankets for extra warmth. However, homeowners should also take care to note the fabric and construction of the bed to ensure that it will remain sturdy over time, and to check it will not be easily destroyed by your puppy or dog chewing at the sides. Homeowners and dog owners can combat this chewing by providing their dog with adequate chew toys, though you cannot completely stop your dog from chewing at their bed or blankets - all you can really do is make sure that the bed you choose is strong enough to withstand the chewing.

Another thing to look for relates to the aesthetics of your bed and making sure it fits into your home without having to be hidden in spare rooms and under tables. The fact is that your dog will want to sleep as close as possible to the family living space where everyone is gathered, and so it is well worth taking the time to select a bed which matches or compliments your living space to support this and ensure that you are happy with how it looks.

If your dog is particularly shy, you can also find dog beds which offer a cover or are more concealed, for example creating outside shells around the top and back of the bed as well as the sides. These beds tend to be especially popular with those who have taken in rescue dogs as these dogs tend to be more nervous and are thus more comfortable in a smaller space where they feel safe.

Where to find the perfect dog bed

When it comes to choosing the perfect dog bed for your dog and for your home, personalisation is one way in which you can really breathe life into your bed - with standalone and independent crafters and retailers offering all manner of personalisation options from embroidered blankets to engraved bed plaques. For the most comfortable and affordable beds, pet stores and department stores tend to offer some great options, and you can also find a wide range of indoor and outdoor beds in garden centres – with the plastic hard structures proving particularly beneficial if you want your dog bed to stay in one place or if you want to protect a soft-bottomed bed from being ruined in adverse weather or on muddy ground.

And finally, getting your dog to sleep in their bed. It takes time, but they will get there in the end - you simply need to make the bed as enticing and comfortable as possible - and accept that they will likely sleep on the floor as often as they use their bed.

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