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Entry Hall Wardrobes

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Entry Hall Wardrobes

How often do you see new style and designs of wardrobes and immediately confine them to bedrooms in your mind? The fact is, so many homes limit their wardrobes to bedrooms only, tending to rely on under stair storage or simple exposed hooks for storing coats and other items near to the front and back door of their home. But in a modern world where homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to minimise the clutter in their home and create a more relaxing modern and neutral space, it seems as though the entry hall wardrobe market could be on the rise.

In essence, entry hall wardrobes give you a place in your hallway – either by the front door or the backdoor – to keep shoes, coats and other outdoor items like bags and umbrellas hidden from sight, while still ensuring they are easily accessible. With different styles and designs on offer, made from a variety of materials and each with their own defining features and additions, entry hall wardrobes not only conceal your outdoor garments but can also become a design staple themselves; with some featuring mirrors on the door while others create and add texture to an otherwise fairly bare space.

Dressing your hallway with a wardrobe

The hallway is one of those spaces in the home which never receives quite as much thought as other rooms in the house, and yet it is one of the first areas you step into – and is the room which creates that all-important first impression for any new visitors or guests. The perfect hallway combines natural light with a warm atmosphere, and ideally should introduce any guest to your overall design style without overwhelming them; perhaps featuring some artwork and a side table alongside a shoe rack and a well-chosen entry hall wardrobe.

Some of our favourite wardrobes for the entry hall are large and expansive, often reaching as high as possible and ending just shy of the ceiling in order to maximise space inside and ensure that they do not become lost in a large open hallway space.

Things to look for in your entry hall wardrobe

First of all, we strongly recommend considering a wardrobe with at least one mirror built into the door – whether it be inside or outside. Not only does this help to make the space appear larger, but it also provides a really easy way for you to check your appearance on the way out the door – something that so many of our members point out as a necessary accessory for any hallway.

Another thing to consider is how the material and finish of the wardrobe impacts on the overall space and whether it matches and compliments the rest of your home. If, for example, you are seeking a really modern and light home in general, selecting a dark wood or painted wardrobe may detract from the effect of that style.

While many retailers stock both natural and painted wardrobes, we love how natural material finishes are able to create and add texture to a room – somehow giving it more depth and more visual interest. As such, where possible we recommend keeping your entry hall wardrobe as natural and rustic as possible to create a lasting impact.

And finally, the inside. Make sure you open the wardrobe in store before purchase to ensure it provides all the storage space you need! You would be amazed at how many people buyer a wardrobe based on its exterior without even opening the doors!

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