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Ergonomic Chairs

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Ergonomic Chairs

When it comes to securing the most supportive and comfortable work space possible, designed to ensure your comfort and wellbeing across multiple hours or static working, the first thing that needs to be sorted out is your seating posture and the chair you use to provide your body with the best possible support.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to combat the effects of bad posture, while retaining the high levels of comfort that will help you settle into the chair and work more productively for an extended period of time.

Why you might need an ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs are particularly popular with desk workers and gamers, both of whom spend multiple hours at a time hunched over a keyboard and mouse, staring up at a computer screen – pushing them ahead in their virtual goals, but doing nothing for their own wellbeing and body.

The best thing about an ergonomic chair for any extensive user is that it helps prevent back problems but holding the spine in the right position with a cushioned backrest that supports the lower back and ensures it cannot become slumped over.

Ergonomic chairs don’t merely deal with back support, but rather provide adjustable seating in terms of depth and height, as well as arm rests and overall backrest stability – essentially how structured the back rest feels when you lean against it, and whether or not it has any flex of movement. All of these components add up to create a chair which is designed and tailored to support your unique body shape and ensure that your spine is well supported.

What makes a good ergonomic chair?

A good ergonomic chair is primarily functional and easy to use, but that doesn’t have to mean it is an eyesore in your home. Some of the best chairs on the market are neutral in colour and can be blended well into a home office, concealing many of their most basic practical functions in order to appear inoffensive and attractive.

Aside from appearance, a good ergonomic chair is all in the adjustments it allows, including:

  • Whether the seat height can be adjusted according to the users needs

  • The depth of the seat and how far back the user can sit before their lower back hits the backrest

  • Whether the arm rests can be adjusted in terms of how far out they sit from the body, and how high they sit

  • The back rest tilt – is it sloping inwards to push the neck forward, or does it stand upright to promote a straight back and good posture?

  • Are the wheel casters well positioned and suitable for rolling around with ease?

  • Whether the headrest can be adjusted in line with the position of the neck and how the user interacts with their workspace

All of these elements are crucial to creating a workspace in which you can thrive and be productive, while supporting your body and ensuring that you do not become subject to future back issues and chronic pain.

Where to find a good ergonomic chair

The best ergonomic chairs on the market are likely to be found in specialist retailers, where the retail support staff will discuss with you exactly what your requirements are and then guide you towards the best options. It is perfectly easy to find basic ergonomic chairs on the high street, with many furniture and homeware retailers stocking their own range of suitable back support chairs, however if you are already suffering from a bad back or would like to ensure you take home a high quality product, head to a specialist retailer that can provide you with tailored advice.

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