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Futon Mattresses

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Futon Mattresses

Derived from Japanese culture and popular with many contemporary and modern homeowners who like the lowdown design of futon beds which can be easily folded back into chairs for everyday use, futon mattresses are one of the most basic solutions to an extra bed that you can get – folding in and then back on themselves to form chairs in one simple motion.

One of the best things about futons as a concept is their affinity to a culture that is different from that of our members, and which seeks to elevate the interior styling of the modern home in unique ways – harnessing the power of dual purpose items of furniture and allowing buyers to revel in the addition of something which is as much a feature and talking point as it is a functional bed or chair.

What are futon mattresses made of?

Futon mattresses tend to be stuffed with layers of cotton batting - soft enough that they provide comfort to the user, but not so thick that they cannot be folded in on themselves during the transformation back into a chair. As such, futon mattresses are inexpensive to make and make for the perfect space saving solution which can be used inside and outside the home – with many of our members heralding the versatility of a futon mattresses as an indoor seating option in the evening, and an outside padded sunbathing mat during the warm summer days.

Of course, the reliance on the futon mattress over its frame will depend on whether you value the comfort of the finished product or the appearance of it within your home – with futon frames ranging from metal structures to more rustic wooden finishes which work both inside and outside.

Storing your futon mattress

When not in use, futon mattresses can often be folded into a tight coil – utilising the design and construction which allows for multiple folds to make the rolling process easy without impacting the spread of the upholstery layers within the mattress. Other styles of futon mattress are designed only to be folded, though these tend to be on the higher end of the market and are built with more of a comfort finish in mind than a space saving or functional finish.

Choosing the right futon mattress to match your home

Moving onto the aesthetics of your futon and its mattress, the first thing to decide is the permanent home of your futon and whether it will exist largely in bed form or as chair. We tend to find that the most popular mattresses are those which are pure white in colour and can be accessorised as you wish with throws and cushions, though it is worth noting that a white fabric exterior can easily be marked and become dirty – instantly ruining what might otherwise have been a very modern and polished finish.

Another thing to consider with regards to the exterior and fabric of your futon mattress is whether or not you do intend to use it outside, as outside furnishings may require more of a weather proof coating designed to protect the fabric from water damage. And finally, to the added extras and features – including futon mattresses with built in pillows and support. If you’re willing to pay the price for a high end model which features these additional comfort boosters, then head to furniture retailers and designer stylists who will be able to guide you towards the best products according to your budget and additional requirements. Otherwise, a large majority of standard futon mattresses can be found across mass market retailers and homeware stores.

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