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Garden Deck & Folding Chairs

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Garden Deck & Folding Chairs

One of the main questions we get asked by members and homeowners is about maximising the ways in which they can use their outdoor space for a variety of different activities, without completely cluttering their garden and patio space with different pieces of furniture and accessories.

When it comes to seating in particular, we often find that while homeowners need a couple of permanent solutions for their own use, one of the key items on their to-buy list is a series of chairs that can be pulled out when guests come over, then put away again when the guests leave – leading us to the value and versatile beauty of garden deck and folding chairs.

The beauty of a deck chair

In essence, a deck chair is one which is made up of a solid wooden structured frame, with flexible canvas material forming the seat and back rest which can be easily folded into the frame for storage. While many foldable chairs are made with entirely solid wood and plastic structures in order to retain a very sturdy finish, we tend to find that deck chairs are still particularly popular with buyers due to their elevated comfort levels and the more interesting aesthetics that they bring to the overall look of the outdoor space.

Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t completely solid framed deck chairs out there, with many retailers now offering their structures with attachable cushioned covers for extra comfort – while the fact that they can be removed makes for easy storage.

The versatility of other outdoor folding chairs

While deck chairs tend to be a little bigger in their sizing and structure, other foldable chairs on the market are hugely versatile thanks to their much smaller and more flexible construction and the fact that they can be folded up and then stacked together to make storage even easier.

Some of the best styles of older folding chair include those made with wooden frames and those crafted from metal framing, as these are the two materials which are typically the strongest and can be frequently folded and unfolded without impacting the strength of the joints and framing. The seats themselves are often made from the same material as the frame, though in some cases we see metal frames enhanced with plastic seats and back rests in order to allow for a little extra bend and leniency in comfort.

Things to consider with outdoor deck and folding chairs

The main thing you need to consider is the quantity of chairs you need and want, and whether it is worth buying a few extra for inevitable breakages during frequent use. We also recommend you give thought to the area in which the chairs are most likely to be used, as sometimes we find that certain surfaces are not conducive with every style of chair leg – for example decking with gaps can sometimes cause problems with very thin chair legs, meanwhile pale patio surfacing can become marked over time if care is not taken over the feet of the chair legs being dragged.

Finally, give thought to the aesthetic value of your chairs – and don’t simply opt for something just because it is cheap and practical. Temporary folding chairs can be just as pleasing on the eye as permanent furniture fixtures if done right, and you can always add to their style with cushions and throws if necessary.

For the widest range of garden folding and deck chairs, head to garden centres and department store retailers.

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