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Garden Dining Chairs

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Garden Dining Chairs

How do you differentiate between your indoor and outdoor dining areas? Is it the formality and aesthetic feel of the space, or is it the way that you dine and seat yourselves around a table? Is your outdoor dining space structured and formed of a table and chairs, or is it a little more free flowing with sofa seats and low tables providing surfaces at a variety of levels?

What to look for in garden dining chairs

We tend to find that during the summer months, we spend more and more time eating outside – enjoying evenings out with family sit down meals, buffet style items with friends, and BBQ events with large groups of our loved ones. However when it comes to finding the right style of seating for these al fresco dining experiences, the main things to look out for are comfort, plenty of options for different users, and a style of chair which suits the mood you are trying to capture.

After all, low seating may be popular with some, but for older users they may need something a little more structured for optimum comfort. Meanwhile, outdoor bar stools are not always conducive to sit down meals. As such, we recommend considering more formal dining chairs – pairing them with the complimentary table if you are looking to emanate the minimalist perfection of a modern space, or else looking at a series of different chairs with a separate table in order to create more of an eclectic finish.

The main thing to look for in your outdoor dining chairs is consistency of comfort and functionality, with many homeowners looking for chairs which can be folded up or stacked at the end of the season for easy storage. We also recommend considering the material of your dining chairs to ensure that they can withstand the outside elements.

Ensuring your garden dining chairs match your overall style

This is where aesthetic design and taste comes into play, with retailers offering everything from hardwood structures to metal chair bases and even bench style seating for a more informal overall look. We tend to find that while bench style seating is particularly popular and can look great, individual dining chairs are often a better option which can be used around a table and separated during an event or party – making them easier to transport and move around regularly for different uses.

Another thing to consider when it comes to aesthetic value is the way the chair looks both occupied and unoccupied. After all, while the seat of the chair is important for the time it is unoccupied, for the most part when someone is sitting in the chair it is the frame that is visible – not the seat or cushion. We often see retailer investing heavily in really intricately designed seating covers only to find that these are covered for the majority of the time by the user. For something really innovative and stand out, consider a pattern or finish which will compliment the design of your garden space, and find ways of expressing that pattern on the exterior and back of the chair for others to enjoy.

Finally, consider how many chairs you need and always ensure that you only have on display the amount you need – in order to make the best possible use of space without it feeling unbalanced and cluttered.

The best sets of garden dining chairs can be found across garden centre stores and department stores, with materials ranging from wood to metal, plastic and even wicker or rattan available as individual pieces or sets.

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