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Garden Lounge Chairs

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Garden Lounge Chairs

One of the most obvious and notable things about the market for garden lounge chairs is the huge variety of price points that are included under this umbrella product. From high end and expensive sofa seats and padded mechanical recliner lounge chairs, through to cheaper sun loungers and affordable beanbag style lounge seats, there really is a garden lounge chair available for every budget and every style – you simply need to know what to look for.

A lounge chair for the modern garden

Modern gardens tend to be surrounded by manicured lawns and easily identifiable vegetable patches and flower beds, with a focus on the angular lines and perfect structuring of formal planting. We also often find that modern gardens are filled with the latest innovative gadgets, ranging from their solar lighting options to large BBQ’s and a combination of neutral patio space and grass.

The perfect lounge chair for a large modern space tends to be large in size and appearance – crafted in a style which is fairly bulky in order to create more of a presence. Some great examples include rattan style sofas recliner chairs, and the more innovative recliner single chairs which operate by lifting the legs and pushing the backrest at the same time in order to alter the way the seat is positioned underneath the user.

We also find that modern lounge chair are very natural and neutral in their appearance, often relying on natural wood frames and beige or natural coloured cushion pads, or else opting for something very basic with one colour covering the entire structure.

A lounge chair for a more rustic garden

This is where we tend to find lounge chairs which take natural materials and alter the way they use them – for example moving away from the solid structure and angles of a hardwood frame, instead opting for the curves of a rattan chair base. Rustic lounge chairs are those less likely to offer innovative space saving solutions, and so we tend to group solid structured lounge chairs into this rustic group – including those which are constant loungers and cannot be folded into something more compact or small.

A lounge chair for a balcony or limited garden

One of our favourite features of lounge chairs, particularly those crafted for smaller spaces, is that they can easily be sat up into a regular shape or leaned back into a recliner in order to make the best use of space – and they often feature built-in cup holders to eradicate the need for a side table. These are all features which have arrived on the market off the back of the increase in demand for lounge chairs which cater to all manner of spaces, taking the concept of a garden lounge chair and blending it with the classic garden dining chair in order to create one product which serves a number of purposes.

If you are tight on space, another thing to consider is the way that the material of your lounge chairs makes the rest of your space look. For example a heavy hardwood structure can quickly overwhelm and create a large focal feature in the middle of your space, whereas a more subtle metal lounger chair may actually blend better into the surroundings and allow the eye to travel over the area as a whole rather than being drawn in onto one central feature.

The best lounge chairs for the garden can be found in garden centres and furniture providers, with some of the latest and most innovative models available through high street designers and mass market stores.

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