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Garden Side Tables

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Garden Side Tables

The market around garden side tables is one encapsulated in aesthetic value and functionality, with most retailers offering side tables in a vast array of materials which change the use and overall appearance of the table in its setting.

While more and more homeowners and buyers are seeking items of furniture which serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose, retailers still stock cheaper plastic and strong metal pieces which are created for practical use – primarily because they offer the weather resistance and durability that they are looking for to support their outdoor activities, such as gardening and DIY. On the opposite end of the scale lies the wooden and ornate metal creations which are designed to elevate the garden space and act as a side table to hold drinks or decorative accessories – particularly popular around lounge areas and on balconies.

The best uses of garden side tables

As previously hinted at, side tables tend to be split into two main camps when it comes to usage – those which are designed to add a practical and useful element, either to hold small plants or create a handy DIY surface to the user; and those which are purchased to match and compliment the rest of the outdoor furniture.

Some of the best practical tables come in a range of different heights, with many even allowing for the height to be adjusted in line with the task which needs to be done. For example, side tables which double as work benches tend to be crafted from a very strong metal frame and wooden surface and can be moved up and down as per the user’s requirements. Meanwhile, much more affordable small plastic side tables are ideal for giving new plants the best chance of a strong burst of sunlight, as placing them on a table means they do not become shrouded in the shade of another larger plant.

On the other hand, we have the most decorative side tables, which serve as drinks tables and surfaces to hold other items, for example vases of flowers or canapes during a party. These tables tend to be permanently fixed at a lower height, making them ideal for use by those who are sat in lounge chairs or on outdoor sofas, and are often made with similar materials though in a much more elegant way. For example, a metal framed decorative side table will often use much thinner strips of metal crafted into different shapes, before being set with a surface which either continues the intricate patterning of the metal legs or else engages the more natural grandeur and beauty of a hardwood surface.

Things to consider with your garden side tables

The first thing you need to consider with regards to the materials of your table is how well it will withstand increment weather conditions, and whether or not it will work as a transferable item which can be used both inside and outside. One of the great things about complimentary outside furniture is the way it can be used to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience for the user and visitors, with many choosing tables and chairs which work both inside their home and across the outside spaces.

The other thing to consider is the quantity of side tables you need in order to create an overall finish which is busy and welcoming but not too overloaded with different surfaces. We tend to recommend that for multiple surfaces, buyers opt for a selection of side tables and bar tables to add extra levels and height for aesthetic interest.

All of these and more can be found in outdoor garden retailers and furniture providers.

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