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Garden Rocking Chairs

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Garden Rocking Chairs

Perfect for those days in the sun, or the evenings where the light drops and creates a mystical grow in and around your house and outside space, a garden rocking chair soon creates a relaxing oasis of calm from which you can enjoy your surroundings – engaging the familiar rocking motion of an indoor rocking chair but with a more natural environment.

How do garden rocking chairs work?

Just as with their indoor counterparts, garden rocking chairs work by placing the standard structure of a chair on top of two curved rockers which allow the user to propel themselves forward and back into a rocking motion which is both relaxing and soothing at the same time. While there are constant innovation occurring to the indoor version of the rocking chair, in order to make it more comfortable, with the movement less blocky and the construction more mechanic, the majority of garden rocking chairs maintain their original simplistic structure and design – if for no other reason than the proven weatherproofed durability of a simple frame chair made from wood.

Where to use a garden rocking chair

Contrary to popular belief, garden rocking chairs do not solely belong on front porches for old people to sit in and watch the world go by – although as far as purposes go, this is a not a bad one at all. A garden rocking chair can in fact be used across the entirety of your outdoor space, and can be enjoyed alone or in the comfort of children and/or loved ones – with many of the most popular designs on the market including chairs which are classed as oversized to allow for additional space, extra cushions and throws for warmth and comfort.

The best designs of garden rocking chair

While many retailers still stock and find the standard wooden framed chair on curved rocking legs the most popular design, there are a variety of new styles and ideas hitting the market and appealing to young people, modern home owners and those looking for something a little different. Rattan rocking chairs make for a really popular outdoor option which not only provides the standard use of a rocking chair but also forms a really aesthetically pleasing accessory. One of the best examples of a rattan rocking chair is one in which the entire base rocks, forming more of a rocking lounger than a standalone chair, with a single pillar up the back providing the back rest and enabling the entire structure to balance evenly for safe usage.

Another popular design encompasses a single lounger style seat which tilts back and creates the rocking sensation from underneath your back while you lie back – rather than underneath your upper body in a seated position. These tend to be crafted from metal rather than wood to allow for the smooth movement of the reclining chair, lending themselves nicely to an industrial or modern style of garden.

And then there’s the increase in reinforced plastic rocking chairs, providing options which are more affordable and durable, and can be crafted into any shape with any finishing colour that you could want. For those looking to add vibrancy to their garden space, we tend to recommend these plastic styled rocking chairs due to the fact that they add pops of colour to an otherwise very natural space.

When it comes to buying your garden rocking chair, the more traditional styles and designs tend to be found in garden centres and department stores, while the innovative and modern creations can be found in home design studios and modern furniture stores.

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