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Hamster & Small Pet Cages

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Hamster & Small Pet Cages

Having a high quality hamster or small pet cage for your pet is one of the most important things you should invest in and take care of as a pet owner – not only giving your pets a good quality of life with plenty of space, but also keeping them safe from harm and potential predators.

As many homeowners will tell you, hamsters and other small pets are just as likely to be found and kept inside as they are outside, and so it is important that you also ensure that the cage you choose is easy to clean and maintain in order for it to remain hygienic and to stop it from becoming an eyesore in your home.

What makes a good small pet cage?

A small pet cage, in its most basic form, is any structurally secure casing around an otherwise empty space. The bars of the cage need to be conducive to allowing a water bottle to be poked through the gaps and to provide plenty of air circulation for the pet, while also being close enough together that cats and other potential predators cannot get a paw or claw inside the cage to harm your small pet.

In terms of the construction and build of the cage itself, we tend to find that the most effective and the most comfortable cages for pets are those with more of a solid base that retains heat and provides an easy to clean surface, with the metal cage bars then rising up the sides and over the top of the structure. A door either on the side or the roof of the cage is integral to topping up food and lifting your pet in and out of the cage.

Of course if your small pet is something a little more jumpy and much smaller in size, for example reptiles and insects, and even mice, you may find that you are better off investing in a cage which has a glass or reinforced plastic construction with plenty of airholes rather than the bars. This is much more secure for very small pets and will keep them well contained.

Homeowners do often find that while small pets remain just that – small – it is not uncommon for hamsters, gerbils and other small mammals to grow in size and thus for n upgrade to be necessary with regards to the size of the cage. If you know in advance that your pet is likely to grow then it is often worth investing in a larger cage from day one for them to grow into.

Things to look out for when buying a small pet cage

The main thing you should be focussing on as consumer is the quality of the cage – in this case considering and looking at the way it has been built and put together, including the joins and the quality of the bar frames. Poorly made cages can sometimes very easily be damaged or broken into by predators, or else they can be chewed and damaged over time by the pet.

Another thing to look out for is of course the way that the cage is going to be used in your home, with our recommendation being to store and keep your cage and pet somewhere warm but with plenty of fresh air – ideally away from any cats or other pets which may be curious, and on a flat surface where the cage cannot be knocked.

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