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Bird & Small Pet Accessories

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Bird & Small Pet Accessories

Owning a pet, whether it be something larger like a cat or a dog, or something small and less invasive like a bird or a small mammal, is a part of family life which is gradually growing more and more popular. And yet even for those homeowners who choose something small like a hamster or a rabbit, or a bird or even a reptile, the amount of accessories and extra products which owning a pet brings into the home and into daily life can be astounding.

One of the most obvious accessories for any small pet or bird is somewhere for them to live – in most cases some kind of cage or hutch which keeps them contained and safe. The fact is that pets are often domesticated and thus need this change or hutch in order to keep them out of reach of predators – as well as to stop them from destroying our homes and furniture.

Things to consider when buying a bird

When you think about owning a bird, it’s easy to picture the cage but beyond that many homeowners are stuck – what other accessories does a bird really need? In fact, something that homeowners often overlook is the fact that birds are distinctly sociable creatures and always like to have some form of entertainment whether it be other birds or something to play with in their cage. Bird toys seem like an odd market and yet hanging toys in bird cages is a great way of giving your pet bird something to keep them busy and occupied.

Another thing to consider with birds is how friendly they are – and the danger that can occur if you leave the cage too low down so that children can pike fingers through the cages and either receive a bite or else get their fingers trapped. We tend to recommend that bird owners hang their cages at height either in the house or in a garage or greenhouse – with regular cleaning and movement, as well as letting the bird fly free every day, helping to keep your pet stimulated and energised.

Things to consider with other small pets

First thing’s first, what are the other small pets that homeowners might be considering? The most common examples include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice, as well as reptiles and insects – though the latter are far less common, with many family homes opting for the small mammals. When you look to buy a small mammal or other pet, again one of the first and most important things to focus on is how sociable these creatures are and thus how you will ensure they get the social interaction they need. One way of achieving this is with a pair of pets rather than one single animal, or else bring their cage into a main hub of activity in the home to keep them stimulated by human and family activity.

With small mammals, you also need to set a schedule for regular cleaning to ensure that their home or hutch is kept as clean as you keep your own home, and it is also worth investing in both inside and outside floor mats and running areas where your pets can stretch their legs without being able to run all over the home. Providing a contained area for free play will keep your small pets safe and also ensure that your home remains clean and protected.

For the best selection of small pets for families and children of all ages, and to make sure you get all the accessories you need, head to specialist pet stores.

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