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HiFi Racks & Cabinets

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HiFi Racks & Cabinets

When it comes to displaying and containing your radio or sound system, television and other electronic and smart devices, most homeowners find themselves investing in a HiFi rack or cabinet which is specially designed with these products and devices in mind.

The fact is, while many of us prefer the natural and rustic appearance of hardwood shelves and cabinets to store all our living room gadgets, if you select a piece outside of the HiFi market, you fill find that it doesn’t have all the wire-friendly holes and design features that a HiFi rack has to allow the cables for certain items to sit tightly against the wall without becoming damaged. That’s not to say that the market isn’t expanding to offer an increased range which extends beyond the generic metal HiFi shelves of old, but buyers should note that they are somewhat limited in what they can buy without the need for some serious DIY.

What is different about a HiFi rack or cabinet?

In short, a HiFi rack or cabinet is uniquely designed so that all the wires and cables attaching your different devices have a clear path to follow – rather than being forced behind each shelf with cables on show appearing messy and hazardous, the design features of a HiFi unit optimise the space with various holes ideal for securing the wires through and, most importantly, keeping them well hidden for a neat and aesthetically pleasing finish.
Similarly, you will also find that HiFi racks are often built with a variety of shelving heights to allow for different devices, as while modern electronics are made to be as small and thin as possible, older units and items were much larger and require additional space.

One thing that members often ask us about is why HiFi racks and cabinets use glass shelves to separate the different devices – and the answer is one which refers primarily to the actual effectiveness of the item. The fact is, glass has long been used as the shelving material for these kind of storage units, because it minimises the disturbance between different devices and prevent mechanical interruptions or vibrations from affecting the use of another device – or from the overall enjoyment. Speakers in particular can be subject to vibration, and if you don’t use the right material for your speaker stand, these vibrations can quickly transfer and echo on the stand.

Things to consider when buying a HiFi rack or cabinet

The first thing to consider is whether you actually want a rack or a cabinet. A cabinet gives you the ability to shut away the devices and, when not in use, conceal them behind a plain cabinet door – unless you opt for one of the more traditional designs with glass fronted doors.

For a modern home in particular, concealing the clutter of electronic devices and cabling is key to achieving the minimalist feel of your preferred design. Meanwhile those with more of an industrial home style may like the appearance of electronics on show, and thus may opt for the display storage solution of a HiFi rack.

No matter which style or design you go for, ensuring that the wires are stored safely and neatly is not just a reference to your aesthetic taste, but also to health and safety and care for your product – as exposed wires can very easily cause accidents or become damaged, thus ruining your device.
For the best selection of HiFi racks and cabinets for every home, head to technology retailers and department stores.

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