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Media Storage

The beauty of at-home media storage, especially in the modern market, is that with so many different design and style preferences to cater for, retailers now offer their widest ever range of storage units – from those with complete open fronts so you can find the film or game you want, through to those which resemble plain blocks with concealed shelving behind the exterior.

While the modern homeowner will generally opt for the latter in order to create the illusion of a minimalist and neutral home, most of our members with lots of books and DVD’s to store want to do so with open shelves and cabinets. And one of the best options we have seen is with a media storage unit set around the entire television – utilising wall space as well as capitalising on available floor space.

The best media storage options

The first thing to think about when finding your perfect media storage option, is how much space you need and how you want to divide and display your various possessions and media related items. If, for example, you have books, DVD’s and CD’s you want to store, consider a three piece unit which gives a separate shelf to each style of item – allowing you to distinguish and give each media its own area. Some buyers take this further with alphabetised displays or by splitting their collections in genre, though this is a matter of preference and only becomes important once the media storage unit has been purchased.

Another type of unit is one which comes in one large block and covers an entire wall. If you are lacking on space then this is one way to ensure that multiple blocks of storage don’t break up the room and make it appear even smaller – as we often find that separate storage units, while stylish, draw the eye in different directions and highlight the limitations within the space of a room.

Of course, if your room is particularly small then you should consider concealed media storage which can be hidden behind a closed door – ideally one finish in a light and neutral colour which seeks to brighten the room.

And then we have more innovative media storage – those solutions which are built into other items in the living space, for example the underside of coffee tables and stashed in drawers which sit below the television unit or even underneath the base of your sofa. The modern home in particular will benefit from this new style of media storage which allows the buyer to utilise existing items without adding additional clutter.

Things to consider when buying media storage

First and foremost is the impact that your chosen storage solution will have on the aesthetic of the room. Remember that media cases come in all different colours and designs and so create a statement all on their own – adding more art to the room, or trying to create pops of colour through other means, tend to create an imbalance in the room, and serve as unnecessary decorative accessories.

The other thing to consider is the space you have and how deep your storage shelves need to be in order to be useful without impending too heavily on the space. Wall mounted storage solutions in particular can become hazardous if mounted too far out from the wall at head height, meaning buyers should take care to ensure that guests and users are not likely to hit their head on the storage units as they stand up.

For the most innovative and interesting media storage solutions, find inspiration from magazines to determine your ideal solution, and then head to homeware and DIY stores to set your ideal plan in motion.

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