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LED Floor Lamps

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LED Floor Lamps

One of the most common questions we get asked about any kind of home décor, is the best lighting to use in the home – both in terms of effectiveness and aesthetic value, and monetary value and sustainability. Our answer in most cases is the LED light – a source of electrically powered lighting which uses much less energy than older light bulbs but creates a more consistent and reliable source of light, making them better in value and in effectiveness. Not only that, but LED light bulbs are said to last a lot longer than their older counterparts and are cheaper to replace when it does come time to source some new ones.

Why you should switch to LED light bulbs in all your lamps

Aside from the fact that they are cheaper to buy and far cheaper to run, LED light bulbs are environmentally friendly and most tend to fit well inside traditional bulb mounts and sockets – even with the different styles and designs. As LED lights are a newer model, they also tend to come in more variations in terms of size and shape, and the light created hits its full potential brightness as soon as it is switched on – in comparison to older bulbs which needed time to boot up and brighten once switched on.

In essence, LED lights are not just better for the world but better for your home’s aesthetic value – especially in floor lights where you want to create a comfortable and warm space at the touch of a button.

LED floor lamps

Floor lamps are now available in so many different designs and styles that they can suit virtually any home and any kind of decorative style – from thin stick lighting to intricately designed bulb surrounds, swirly lamp stems and even simple desk lamp style lighting.

The primary goal of any floor lamp is to bring the light into more of a directed space, creating a cosy corner which is well lit but doesn’t become subject to the bright lighting of the rest of a room. Homeowners tend to use floor lamps when they want to add light but now switch on a large overhead light – maintaining the atmosphere in a room quickly and easily – and so many of the styles on the modern market use brighter LED bulbs and then direct the beams of light using the structure and any kind of lamp shade built around the bulb itself.

When it comes to selecting the best style of floor lamp for your room, the main consideration should always be around the space you have available and the way in which you want to light it – whether you want your floor lamp to add depth to a certain area of the room, or create enough light to brighten the room as a whole. We often find that the most popular floor lamps are those with adjustable light heads which can redirected in line with the situation and atmosphere – pointing upwards to add light to the full room, or downwards to create a more targeted beam of light.

For the best selection of LED floor lamps, including large structures which add statement to the room and smaller pinpoint lights which can blend into the space with a slightly more subtle finish, head to homeware furnishing stores, department stores and lighting specialists. And if you’re still unsure about what will work in your space, consider delving into a few home styling magazines for inspiration and ideas.

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