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LED Recessed Lighting

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LED Recessed Lighting

One of the most versatile lighting options currently available on the market, LED bulbs are fast becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to recessed lighting – not merely for their energy efficient construction but also because they add to the ambience and appearance of a room due to the array of different light intensities and colours available.

When it comes to deciding on the best lighting for a room, homeowners often face a choice between the visual and decorative ceiling pendant lights and wall lights, and the far more discreet and mount-free recessed lighting. And with more and more homes turning to a minimalistic design style with neutral colours and very little clutter, it seems as though the simple nature of recessed lighting is right at home.

The best uses of LED recessed lighting

The first thing to note about LED recessed lighting in particular is that the technological advancement of LED bulbs means that ambience and environment can be designed and created through the variety of different LED bulbs available – no longer simply offering “off” or “on”, but also now creating different intensities of light and allowing it to shine with a cool white light or with a softer and more yellowed finish. This means that the bulb alone is enough to completely alter how a room ultimately looks, adding character to an otherwise very plain and neutral room, or adding warmth to a large empty space.

In terms of LED recessed lighting around the home, we tend to find more and more homeowners opting for this solution as part of their most functional areas in the home, for example the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor spaces including the front porch. This is primarily because the LED light is consistent and reliable as well as low in energy, meaning that LED bulbs can be used frequently without drawing on or draining too much energy. The recessed lighting design is also particularly suitable for these spaces because it allows for maximum use of the space for functional activity, without having to lose some of it to the allowance of table lamps or ceiling lamp shades.

It is worth noting that recessed lighting cannot be angled in its direction, and so the beam of light will always shine straight out. Therefore, it is worth considering positioning it on the ceiling or floor rather than at eye level on a wall, or else installing LED recessed lighting underneath kitchen cabinets or even inside the bathtub under the water or on the ceiling above the shower.

Choosing your LED recessed lighting

The only real choice you need to make with LED recessed lighting in terms of aesthetic value is the size of the bulb face itself, and the trim it is surrounded with. The trim is the only means of decoration on a recessed bulb, and so many homeowners find that they simply want to match the trim with the surrounding walls in order for the bulb to blend in and become virtually invisible until turned on.

Of course, less note needs to be taken on the trim if it sits underneath a cabinet or inside the bathtub, though we do recommend – particularly in the bathroom – choosing a trim which is easy to clean and will not be affected in its appearance by the presence of moisture in the air.

For the best selection of LED recessed lighting and tips on how best to install it across your home, head to lighting retailers and home styling stores.

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