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LED Table Lamps

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LED Table Lamps

When it comes to buying a table lamp, there are a number of considerations you should take into account on selecting the right model and style for you – not least the size of the lamp, the glare and beam of the light in relation to the area you are trying to brighten up, and the style of lamp in line with your decorative accessories and overall room theming.

Table lamps add dimension to a surface and allow for additional levels to draw the eye and create focal features, providing both a functional and aesthetic purpose to a home office, living area or side table. The modern market features a huge variety of different styles of table lamp – so why opt for a LED one?

Top reasons to choose an LED table lamp

First and foremost, as a technical advancement in lighting technology, LED lights are not only more effective and more efficient, but also increasingly environmentally friendly and more sustainable. Characterised by a bright and consistent light, LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular across most home lighting solutions, particularly given the move towards warmer and softer options for the smaller spaces and those which are more conducive to a warmer yellow light.

Many modern table lamps also feature dimmer switches which allow to to adjust and alter the intensity of the light, while the varying colour temperatures mean one bulb can be used to match a variety of different rooms from the clean white of a modern space to the softer yellow of a child’s room or more comfortable reading corner. Meanwhile the bulb itself remains cool to the touch no matter how long the light has been switched on, making them safe for use around children as well as adults.

And then there’s the durability and lifespan of LED lights, which mean they last a lot longer and are a lot more reliable for everyday use.

Designs and innovations of LED table lamps

In terms of design, a table lamp can resemble anything from a modern and neutral pillar to the figure of a jungle creature, the aesthetically pleasing balance of a modern art block, to the circular replica of the moon. Finding the right table lamp for your space requires a combination of understanding how much surface you have to play with and knowing the intensity of the light required to create enough light without it becoming overpowering. We tend to find that LED table lamps with dimmer switches are particularly popular to adjust a workspace to different levels of natural light and to compliment the work being undertaken on the desk – meanwhile larger and brighter table lamps are better for side tables where the light needs to add a warm glow to the entire room rather than just one key working area.

Another innovation is the advancement of the touch lamp, a concept which makes turning the light on and off super easy and eradicates the need for long wires with switches installed halfway down that you have to reach under the table for every time you need it.

And finally, coloured LED lights. The area of lighting that children love, and which has the power to completely transform the look of a space; adding vibrance and life as well as visual stimulation.

All the best LED table lamps can now be found across homeware and department store retailers, with lighting specialists able to point you in the direction of the correct bulb to match your space.

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