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Sitting somewhere on the scale between sofas and armchairs, loveseats are designed for two individuals to snuggle on – or can be equally perfect for one individual who wants to really curl up and watch their film or read a book with optimum comfort.

Termed loveseats for their size which is said to be perfect for snuggling, loveseats are becoming increasingly popular with those who live in smaller homes or those who live alone, as the seating option provides all the comfort and aesthetic value of a standard sofa, but without taking up quite as much space in the room.

What we love about loveseats

First and foremost, loveseats are a really stylish way to add comfort to your room, whether or not you already have a sofa. Given their smaller size, loveseats can look great in a living space or a large bedroom, adding a little grandeur to the room and enabling the buyer to experiment with style a little more. As they are more compact than a sofa, we tend to find that buyers are more willing to select loveseats which add colour and vibrance to their home, with some of the most popular pieces on the market embracing more “out there” fabrics, patterned upholstery and bright colours. In fact, some of our favourite styles of loveseat use a velvet style fabric to add elegance and opulence to the space, counteracting those images with a very bright colour which instantly modernises the seat and helps it stand out. This fusion of a traditionally grand fabric and a modern bold colour is ideal for a compact furniture staple.

The other thing we love about loveseats is how so many retailers are pairing comfort with style so that the buyer really doesn’t have to choose. So many magazines are now providing images of living spaces filled with loveseats rather than full sofas, with an increase in the number of homeowners actually opting for two or more loveseats as opposed to one large sofa. Not only does this help to provide balance to the living space, particularly if the room is particularly large, but it also allows the user to enjoy a little more privacy in the comfort of their own space. This is especially great if you have a large family or frequently have guests over.

Styling a loveseat

We have already looked at how a loveseat provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with colour and fabric for a really vibrant finish, but when it comes to styling the loveseat in the way you want it to be used, most of the design and set up comes from the seat’s surroundings rather than its own appearance.

As we often find, the way a piece of furniture is viewed can be magnanimously affected by the surrounding items and decorative accessories – and a loveseat is no different. If your loveseat is intended for romance and snuggling, consider placing it atop a thick pile rug, with a dim floor lamp next to it for a really atmospheric vibe. If you want your loveseat to provide a cosy and quiet reading space, placing it in a corner of the room with a well lit lamp and a side table for your drink is ideal and will really allow the loveseat to create its own haven. And if you are looking for a couple of loveseats to add more vibrancy and a unique take on living room seating for your home, consider adding some colourful cushions and angle them to create balance and style.

Loveseats are becoming evermore popular and can now be found in more furniture and sofa retail stores.

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