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Lumbar Cushions

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Lumbar Cushions

Deep in the tissue of the lower back and spine sits our lumbar muscle, a muscle which deals with a lot over the course of our lives – and which can be hugely impacted by improper posture or inadequate support when you are sitting down. The fact is, if you sit with improper posture and allow your lumbar muscle and lower spine to be curved into the bottom of the seating cushion, over time you will experience aches and pains – only really fixed by the use of a lumbar cushion which provides that added support you need to ensure your back is sat straight.

While many people think that you have to seek medical attention before you can find a lumbar cushion, there are in fact a range of retailers on the market who stock lumbar cushions designed for everyday use – specialising in lumbar cushions which can be added to sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and even car seats to ensure that you are giving your back the full support it needs all the time.

How does a lumbar cushion work?

Lumbar cushions for sever problems tend to be identifiable by their very one-sided construction, with one side straight edged and hard, while the other side is deeply cushioned with a supportive ridge which fits into the base of your spine and ensures that it is kept straight.

Regular lumber cushions found on the high street market typically look just like regular rectangular cushions, and tend to be placed at the base of the chair back between the fold of the seat and the backrest, to provide mild support for the base of the back as you sit back into the chair.

While these high street lumbar cushions are softer in their feel and can be mixed in with regular cushions, others created for more severe problems often come with straps which enable them to be attached to a hardbacked chair for optimum support in just the right place.

Can a lumbar cushion ever be stylish?

With regards to the aesthetic value of a lumbar cushion, the main thing to consider is the severity of your condition and whether you are seeking the support of a lumbar cushion for mere avoidance and comfort, or whether it is something that has been recommended or prescribed by a physiotherapist.

The most structured lumbar cushions tend to be coated with a velvet or fabric material finish, with little in the way of decoration so as not to detract from the overall purpose of the cushion. Some buyers conceal and disguise these less stylish cushions with throws and other smaller cushions if they are concerned about the aesthetics of a particular chair or room in the home.

If you are shopping for high street decorative cushions and decide to opt for the lumbar style of cushion for added back support and comfort, these tend to be much more focussed on style and appearance – with retailers offering a selection of cushions in different colours, material finishes, designs and styles. Some of these cushions even include corner tassels and 3D motifs, though for the most part if you are looking for back support and comfort we tend to recommend keeping the structure of the cushion as simple as possible without extra layers and motifs across the exterior.

For the widest selection of lumbar cushions designed for everyday use, high street and furniture retailers are good options for style and practicality. The more structured lumbar cushions recommended by physiotherapists are often found in specialist retail stores and can be found with the help of a medical professional.

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