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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The beauty of Christmas is that the world embraces decorations and explosions of festive colour – both inside their own homes and outside of them as well. Outdoor Christmas decorations can be anything from a string of fairy lights around your rose bush, to an extravagant inflatable Santa on your front lawn – it all depends on the vibe you want to showcase to the world, and the way n which you choose to enjoy your outdoor decorations.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations for the playful young family

Christmas is at its most magical when you have young children to enjoy it and celebrate it with – and that means whimsical characters, vibrant colours and characters, and tons of surprises. One of the best ways we can think of to show your children you love Christmas is with outdoor decorations to greet them when they return home from school – including inflatable caricatures, festive gnomes, outdoor lights and even an outdoor Christmas tree. Of course, finding the space for all these adornments can be challenging, but over the years we’ve seen many homeowners hanging decorations from their chimneys, windows and other fittings to make the best use of the space and surfaces available. For the best outdoor decorations which are fun and playful, head online, check out Christmas stores, and try garden centres which often transform part of the store into a grotto in the run up to Christmas. TOP TIP: For a truly magical experience, turn your outdoor playhouse or treehouse into Santa’s grotto and let your children’s imaginations run wild.

Decorations for the modern family

If you’re looking for a more tasteful way to transform your outdoor space into a festive wonderland, look no further than the fairy light section. Fairy lights have the power to turn anything from drab to festive, including trees, wooden chairs, the exterior of your home, patio’s and tree houses. With the market full of plain white lights, crystal lights, brightly coloured lights and even lights with novelty figureheads, fairy lights don’t have to be standard and can in fact be used to inject personality into a space which emanates a modern and relaxing feel. All of these lights and more can be purchased from department stores, garden centres or homeware stores, though we do recommend taking the time to find out if your chosen lights are fully waterproof before hanging them outside – if not, increment weather may soon turn your outdoor decoration into more of a disaster. Another option outside of the lighting market is to consider decorative festive cushions, throws and accessories on your outdoor furniture and hanging from your tree. From candles to festive garlands, the plethora of different types of decoration you can get is huge, with many of them promoting a sense of comfort and welcoming warmth.

Other Christmas decorations created for outside

If you walk down any street or neighbourhood around Christmas time, you will be faced at some point with a lit up animal. These popular Christmas decorations take the shape of reindeer and other traditional Christmas creatures, creating a silhouette of lights whenever it is dark outside. Though these can be bought all year round, the widest range will be available when Autumn hits. We do recommend when it comes to any outdoor decoration that our members and other buyers check the ideal conditions – taking note of what kind of power any lighting needs before installing it outside, and ensuring that the decoration is sheltered to withstand the inevitable wintery wind and rain.

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