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Outdoor Seasonal Decorations

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Outdoor Seasonal Decorations

We all have our own traditions regarding decorating and acknowledging the different seasons, from New Year through to Spring, Halloween and Christmas – with all manner of celebrations happening in the middle of and between these most widely acknowledged occasions.

While dressing the inside of the house is a given, finding ways of acknowledging seasonal celebrations across your outside space offers you the chance to experiment a little without ruining the overall aesthetic of your home – with homeowners often using outdoor decorations as a means of bringing more colour and vibrance into the season.

The easiest seasons to dress your outside for

The easiest seasons will always be those with the most options on the shelves and the most possibilities available for DIY decoration creation. Christmas and Halloween tend to be the easiest seasons to buy decorations for, with Halloween in particular leaning more towards outdoor decorations due to the tradition that is trick or treating and which brings individuals to the outside of your home on Halloween night.

The problem with Halloween is that though the build up and the day itself can be fun, in the grand scheme of things Halloween is actually a relatively minor seasonal occasion which is not celebrated for an extended period of time. For those homeowners not willing to invest in short term Halloween decorations, or for those who prefer not to shroud the outside of their house in spooky characters and motifs, consider heading instead for the Autumnal decorations and dressing your home with more of a generic Autumnal style rather than an explicitly Halloween vibe.

And then we move on to Christmas – the season that is inescapable across most of the world, both inside the home, outside the home, and across communities everywhere. The range of Christmas decorations available during the Autumn months is so wide that every home really can embrace their own level of ‘festiveness’ without challenge – whether that be hanging fairy lights around the home and the garden, installing a large blow up Father Christmas, or placing an entire nativity scene in the garden. Whatever it is you are looking for, from September onwards you will likely find a plethora of outdoor festive decorations available across department stores and garden centres.

Keeping outdoor seasonal decorations classy

When it comes to seasonal and festive decorations in particular, the urge to throw every colour and character at the garden can be overwhelming – however, if you want to keep your space looking classy and elegant then we recommend moving forward with a few top tips.

Firstly, choose a theme or colour scheme and stick to it. It could be orange and pumpkins for Halloween, or red and green candy canes for Christmas. By limiting the range of decorations you can use, you will instantly end up with a more aesthetically pleasing theme which can be celebrated and fully enjoyed – rather than getting lost.

Our second tip is to remember that less is more, particularly when it comes to lights. The best thing about fairy lights is that they stand out instantly upon a dark sky, and so placing just a few strings around your garden will actually create a much bigger statement once they are on than you might think when you are hanging the strings up in the dark. Always think about the bigger final picture!

The best outdoor seasonal decorations tend to be available in garden stores and specialist decorative retailers, with each season boasting its own range and unique retail specialist.

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