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Projector Mounts

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Projector Mounts

Many of our members show more than a little confusion when we start talking about projector mounts, often picturing those huge tables that were used in primary schools up and down the country when overhead projectors first became introduced to the mass market. Fast forward to the modern retail market, and projectors have actually become a really smart alternative to the standard television, with many homes opting for a projector rather than having a large television taking up valuable wall space in their home.

What we tend to find is that projectors are just as widely used in home cinemas as they are in regular living rooms, highlighting the idea that these kinds of products are valuable both in larger homes with several solutions for movie nights and television binges, and in much smaller homes where the users don’t want a television impending on their limited space.

The value of projector mounts

The vast majority of projector mounts are in fact mounted on the ceiling, meaning that your projector is always sat at the exact right height for use on your chosen blank wall, and ensuring that you don’t have to waste time setting it up to the right height for every use. Of course, this does come with its drawbacks – and in this case it is that once installed, the projector can’t be used anywhere else in the home. However, as most homeowners will find, once you’ve settled on the right blank wall for your projector television, you likely won’t want to use it anywhere else anyway.

As well as being super easy and practical to use, projector mounts also ensure that the projector itself is kept safely stored away from harms reach – high above the intervention of children or pets.

Things to think about when it comes to buying a projector mount

These are all sorts of things you need to consider when purchasing your projector mount – not least ensuring that you take home something is sturdy and solid, will hold your projector safely without being knocked aside, and also which blends in with the surroundings and doesn’t stand out as an eyesore.

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with high ceilings, then you will likely have no problem ensuring that the projector mount stays largely hidden from eyesight – with visitors and guests only really noticing it if they look directly upwards.

If you have a smaller home and are using a projector to maximise on the space you have available, the first thing we always recommend when it comes to living space is keeping them really light and airy – and this applies to your devices as well. Projector mounts tend to come in a range of basic and neutral colours, with white offering the best solution for a small room, particularly when paired with white walls and ceilings. If you still think your projector mount is on show and obvious, swing your design style in the other direction and embrace the mount – wrapping fairy lights around it or accessorising it to become more of a home cinema experience. Sometimes, trying to hide something obvious can actually end up looking worse than if you simply embraced its presence.

In terms of getting the height of your mount right, this will be a matter of trial and error and when you head to the technology store to pick up your mount, discuss with the sales expert what they think the best way to adjust and test the height is. We often find that you want a height a little higher than you expect, though if unsure you can usually angle the platform slightly to adjust the projected screen direction.

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