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Rabbit Hutches & Cages

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Rabbit Hutches & Cages

One of the most interesting things to note about the pet market, whether it be rabbits, cats, birds, hamsters or fish, is the huge range of options that consumers face with regards to almost every purchase they decide to make. Rabbit hutches and cages are one of the product ranges where consumers can select anything from a functional hutch with a small run, to a complete rabbit palace – varying across multiple levels with an expansive run which sits around the outside of the hutch.

While most hutches and runs are made constructed from wooden frames with mesh holding them together, there has been an increase in the number of cages and runs made from metal for added security – with metal cages being particularly prominent in the portable cage market for when rabbits are moved or need to be taken to the vet.

The benefits of rabbit hutches with runs

It is perfectly possible to get a rabbit hutch which is basic in its construction, featuring a concealed inside space and a brighter space with a mesh covering – all built into one frame which can sit on a table or in any space of the home or garage. However, for many homeowners, hutches with built-in runs are preferable as they provide the rabbit with extra space in which to run around, not only allowing them to benefit from the warm concealed and safe space, but also giving them free reign to enjoy some natural grass at their own will.

Of course, for those with limited outdoor space, a permanent hutch and run structure may not be ideal – and in this case you can either select a temporary run which can be used on nice days and when you want your rabbit to have a few hours on natural grass, or else you can simply stick with the smaller structures and feed your rabbit treats manually.

Uses of a rabbit cage

For those who choose to keep their rabbit indoors, in a bedroom or communal living space, you may instead opt for a rabbit cage. While these are safe and well-constructed, they are often much smaller in space and so can leave the rabbit quite cramped after long periods of time. If you do decide to have a house rabbit which you keep in a cage, we recommend also investing in an outdoor (or indoor) run to allow them to move around more freely when possible.

Other instances in which a rabbit cage many be necessary include:

  • Transportation, for example taking the rabbit to the vet or moving home

  • If your rabbit is unwell and needs more consistent care and attention

Things to consider before buying a rabbit hutch or cage

As with any small pet related purchase, the main focus of the buyer should always be on the safety and security of your animal – whether it be inside or outside. You don’t want your pet to be able to get out, and you don’t want anything else to be able to get in.

Make sure any outdoor hutches and runs are placed on flat and solid ground and cannot be pushed over or dug underneath. For inside cages, again make sure they are on flat surfaces and are not able to be pushed off or knocked off and damaged.

The best rabbit hutches and cages will depend on the size of your rabbit and where you decide to keep them. For the best selection of options, head to pet stores and ecommerce retail stores which specialist in pet care.

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