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Recliner Sofas

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Recliner Sofas

It used to be that if you wanted a certain level of comfort, you likely had to compromise when it came to style. With well-padded seating seen as bulky and mechanics often on show, seats and sofas with additional functions were often confined to corners and hidden rooms – not in keeping with the overall finish of a room.

Fast forward to today, however, and we are delighted to see such a range of recliner sofas which are embracing the value of a comfortable experience and a sleek design; embodying fine-tuned mechanics and hiding them within modern sofas designed to be on show. Having said that, it is worth noting that due to the hidden mechanics, recliner sofas and chairs are often heavy and immovable, so we advise our members to take the time to find the best space for it to live before making their purchase.

In short, recliner sofas are every living room’s best friend – offering users the chance to kick back and relax at the press of a button, in a chair which supports the back and can even provide a number of health benefits if used correctly.

Let’s take a closer look.

How do recliner sofas work?

Often operated by a simple button or lever, recliner sofas work by raising the foot rest at the same time as lowering the back rest, resulting in a reclined position which is both comfortable and good for posture.

The earliest designs in recliner seating date back to 1813 when a New York based upholsterer advertised a “reclining patent chair” – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Nowadays, these sofas are made using a basic frame structure which houses a mechanism – and it is this element which turns the chair into a recliner. Covered then with padding and fabric, the idea in the most modern of designs is to finish with a sofa which looks entirely normal – until you press that little button.

Recliner sofas as a health aid

Recliner chairs are designed to give the user maximum comfort, with a focus on supporting the back, the feet and the neck. These items work perfectly for any users who needs to sit comfortably for a longer period of time, for example mum’s who are breastfeeding, adults with back pain and even elderly individuals with restricted mobility.

Dependent on budget, there are some models of recliner sofa which provide in-built massage and heat pads; additional features which we know our members will love to know about for that added element of luxury. For these designs, it is worth speaking with specific sofa retailers to ensure you get the best features for your money.

It is also worth looking into those sofas which offer reclining that can be lowered or adjusted either manually or automatically to your desired position, as these sofas are best if your purchase is being made to support a health ailment or aches and pains.

Can they really look good in my home?

When it comes to style, we live in an age where anything can look good if we dress it right. From selecting the right fabric to suit your room, to sitting your recliner sofa under the right light (whether natural or electrical), and even investing in some well-designed cushions, a recliner sofa can either blend into its surroundings or create the focal point of your living space depending on your requirements.

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