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Rocking Chairs & Gliders

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Rocking Chairs & Gliders

When it comes to dressing a nursery, providing engaging seating for your children to enjoy, or simply embracing the practicalities of free-movement chairs, there is no better accessory than the traditional rocking chair – or its more modern glider chair equivalent.

Designed to replicate the movement of a swing from the comfort of your indoor living space, rocking chairs and gliders provide a design aesthetic which embraces the most traditional of furniture designs, with practical elements added for today’s society.

Of course, our members and the majority of the public will be familiar with the concept of a rocking chair – but gliders are a little more unknown outside of the nursery, and often beg the question ‘what benefit will a glider chair bring to my home?’ The answer? Stability, comfort, and ease of use.

What is the difference between a glider chair and a rocking chair?

While the traditional rocking chair, often found in the homes of older families and on the porches of American movie sets, is built on two legs which sway with a strong backwards and forwards motion, a glider chair is designed to slide back and forth with a fluid horizontal motion; remaining on one level to promote a gentler swaying effect.

In terms of those available on the market, the centuries-old rocking chair is sure to attract our members whose homes embrace a traditional and rustic vibe – while the glider chair has been created to not only work in a more up-to-date way, but also to look more modern.

Which chair is preferable for families with children?

For our members who are concerned about their children, it is true that the glider chair boasts a slightly more mechanical which, in turn, can create more hazards than its conventional rocking chair alternative. The types of glider available on the market will vary by retailer, but in short with small children you should be sure to select one which locks into place when not in use – avoiding the danger of trapped fingers in the gliding mechanism.

But despite this mechanic feature, it is worth noting that glider chairs do tend to be more comfortable in general. Made with a hard structural material which is then covered in fabric cushioning, the glider chairs available today typically resemble far more of an armchair vibe than rocking chairs, which are often made of painted wood. So, if you want your chair to be the ideal place for story time, you may prefer the more comfortable alternative.

Where are the best places to go for a reliable chair?

The market is saturated with chairs of all styles and designs, embracing everything from the rustic wood finish to a cushioned minimalistic masterpiece. When it comes to choosing the ideal retailer, it is worth considering where you want your chair to live – specifically, is it for an indoor space or an outdoor space?

Garden and homeware retailers tend to offer the best selection of outdoor rocking chairs and gliders – most notable for their finish which, in the case of the gliders, will be made up of a weather-proof material fit for the outdoor elements. For an indoor chair, you should be looking for comfort and reliability, and once you’ve found that you can turn you attention to the design and colouring.

A top tip for our members: these styles of chairs are quite bulky and are often best used as a statement for a room – rather than to blend in. With that being said, embrace the vibrant colours and celebrate them; don’t hide them away.

A rocking chair or glider is a design feature which looks great and provides a new level of comfort, so research thoroughly and make sure you find the exact product you are looking for.

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