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Snow Globes

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Snow Globes

How many times have you visited somewhere new, headed to the gift shop, and seen an array of snow globes for sale by the tills? There is something magical about the small world encompassed under the globe or glass, surrounded by snow and glittery flecks, and turning them up and watching them settle is an activity that many enjoy from childhood right up to adulthood.

Though filled with snow, snow globes aren’t necessarily a Christmas item, and can often be enjoyed all through the year – much to the delight of retailers and gift shops who specialise in these gift items. Of course, having said that, Christmas is the perfect time to dig out your collection of snow globes for display, with the varying sizes and finishes making for great decorations – whether they are quaint and delicate, or more whimsical and entertaining. And as well as decorating a surface, snow globes make great gifts, particularly for children or as part of a secret santa.

Retailers that sell snow globes

If you’re someone who likes to pick up a souvenir for every new place you visit, you may well have a collection of snow globes stashed away. Like fridge magnets, snow globes are best accumulated over a number of years, as a way to remember and mark certain trips and experiences.

Christmas snow globes meanwhile can be purchased in gift shops, Christmas shops and specific card retailers to name a few; often providing a selection which includes more realistic cityscapes and outdoor scenes, alongside fantasy creations and novelty creatures. A search online will provide our members with a variety of options and will allow them to select the best items based on their budget and their requirements.

Making your own snow globe

If you’re a crafty individual or are looking for an activity to enjoy with the family, making your own snow globe is a relatively easy process with a very satisfying conclusion – particularly when you invest in a proper DIY kit which provides you will all the ingredients and base materials you need. These kinds of kits are available on many online stores, particularly those which specialise in activities for children.

Many of our members ask what is actually inside a snow globe, often with the intention of creating their very own globe from scratch – as, while interesting, the DIY full kits contain everything you need without much information about what the various elements include and are used for.

To break it down, here is quick list of all the elements which go into making a snow globe, and how they all come together:

  • A glass dome or jar with a lid which fits tightly. This will sit upside down.

  • Your desired scene or character fitted tightly to the underside of the dome / jar’s life.

  • A mixture of water, glycerin and glitter – poured into the jar with the lid then screwed on top.

  • Tip it upside down and watch the glitter slowly float down and settle on the base – then repeat.

If you’re looking to add even more depth to your homemade snow globe many of our retailers provide backdrops which you can accessorise and colour yourself, to stick inside the jar’s wall and create a full scene.

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