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Sofa Covers

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Sofa Covers

Looking to get a new sofa but stuck on a budget? Maybe you love your current sofa but it no longer works with the overall design and finish of your living space?

A little-considered but popular way of giving your sofa a refresh is to re-cover it – using either store bought or tailormade sofa covers to provide a whole new look and make it look like you’ve invested in a whole new sofa – at half the cost!

Value and pricing

Of course, in an ideal world we know our members always love treating themselves to new furniture. Whether it’s a new sofa, a new light or even just a new plant, buying new is exciting and can often give our homes that little injection of new life that they need to lift us back up.

But when budgets strike, taking a step back and looking at the best way to update your current furniture can be a quick and easy way to provide that boost without the same high costs.

In assessing the sofa covers currently available on the market, it is relatively easy for buyers to match their own sofa dimensions to the readymade covers and purchase the one best suited to their sofa. This is by the far most cost effective way of recovering your sofa, because you are simply buying a cover that has been already made.

If you choose to go down the tailormade route, the cost will inevitably be much greater – though still not in line with the cost of a whole new sofa, making it a better priced option than buying new.

It is worth noting that most of the retailers offering sofa covers can tailor their existing covers to a certain extent, offering the buyer the option of inputting their dimensions – though in this case there is no saw in fabric or design finish. With a fully tailormade option, everything from fabric to size, design finish and stitching is up to you.

What other benefits are there to sofa covers?

Aside from being the most cost effective solution to a whole new sofa look, covers are also super easy to clean. While some sofas come with the fabric stitched on (rendering them unremovable), those which are covered with a removable cover are the easiest to clean – with retailers often recommending you handwash or given your sofa covers to a professional cleaner to ensure the best possible finish. After all, you may think that a shrunken t-shirt or pair of socks is bad, but if you shrink a sofa cover there is no going back – and then the cost can be far higher than anticipated.

Likewise, you may also be interested in dying your sofa covers completely, eradicating the need even to buy new ones and instead simply revamping what you already have. In this case, we recommend familiarising yourself with the base products in the fabric, what it is made of and the best ways in which to safely dye it.

Top Tip: As with any other colour dying, it is always easier to dye a material darker than the original colour rather then going lighter, so if possible or if you intend to dye your sofa covers in the future, purchase the lightest possible base fabric to ensure the optimum result from a later dye.

Finally, our favourite benefit to sofa covers is the versatility that they offer. One of the primary reasons for changing a sofa cover is season, with many of our members embracing the change in season as a reason to change the look and feel of their sofa. Anyone for a festive red Christmas sofa? Or maybe you prefer the white textured finish of a summer sofa seat? Whatever your choice, sofa covers ensure you get a say in the interchangeable feature.

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