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Sofa Sets

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Sofa Sets

For those who have the space, or want to create a unity in decorative style between a number of different rooms in the house, we urge you to consider sofa sets.

Featuring a series of different items, from multiple sofas of varying lengths, to armchairs and footstools, sofa sets are commonly created using the same design style and fabric across all items, to harmonise and capture one overall design.

What does a sofa set commonly include?

When it comes to indoor sofa sets, these commonly include one or more sofas – generally of different sizes – an armchair, a footstool and a pouffe seat or rounded stool. What is included in a sofa set will generally determine how much it costs, and this will also be reflected in quality and the finish of the fabric.

Sofa sets vs. Stand out furniture items

There are those members who love an overall theme, and there are those who prefer to pull together juxtaposing styles and unique designs with a series of different focal points.

Many of our members who live in traditional houses with older furniture will tend to find sofa sets pull together a decorative theme, while more modern houses are more likely to embrace individual statement pieces. For those who are looking to transition from sofa sets to more unique items, one way of beginning the process is to dress the different items with unique accessories; for example, throws, cushions and positions.

If you don’t have the space to move the items into different rooms, or the budget to completely replace them, investing in a few cushions can take a boring sofa or chair and make it come alive with a new vibrancy – perfect for dressing a room to make it look like new.

Another option when it comes to purchasing a sofa set, particularly if you want to try and give each piece its own unique feel, is to look into sofa covers, or explore sets which utilise similar colours or patterns but with different design finishes. These more modern examples of collective sofa sets embrace the idea that similar items work well together without having to be identically made, making them popular particularly in newer and more minimalist homes.

Examples of the best sofa sets

For many, the best use of a sofa set is actually in outdoor furniture, whereby you can cover a patio or outdoor seating area with different sized seats which all compliment each other and create a really sleek outdoor finish. From lounge chairs to sofas, armchairs and even deck chairs, outdoor sofa sets are arguably more popular than indoor sets today thanks to the rise in statement pieces and modern minimalist style design choices for interior decoration.

If you don’t have a large enough outdoor space to house a full sofa set, there are a number of collections available on the market which embrace a summery feel inside the home; well suited to light and bright areas such as conservatories or simply a well-lit living space. These kinds of sets can actually create a harmony between the inside and outside of your home, and can be used to ensure a level of continuity particularly in the summer months when you may use both your inside and outside space freely.

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