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Tabletop Christmas Trees

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Tabletop Christmas Trees

One of the main things we see members and homeowners searching for is smaller versions of Christmas trees and other decorations, which can be placed atop surfaces and in hallway corners in order to add vibrance and festive spirit to areas of the home other than those around the main Christmas tree. A tabletop Christmas tree is a really easy way of creating extra decoration across another space or area of the room, acting as the perfect centrepiece or seeking to provide you with somewhere extra special to place those smaller and more intimate presents. We also find smaller treetop Christmas trees particularly ideal for those living in flats and smaller properties, with no space for a large Christmas tree – allowing them to revel in the same kind of celebration without having a large structure dominate their inside space.

The benefits of a tabletop Christmas tree

Quite apart from being a lively form of decoration which is also a space saver, tabletop Christmas trees can be found and are available in a variety of styles – including those which are real and can continue to grow if nurtured throughout the year, and those which are fake and so can be stored safely away for use every year. The former is a particularly popular choice among many families, as the treetop Christmas tree becomes something they can look after through the year and grow in their outside space, giving them a slightly larger tree every year. Another benefit of tabletop Christmas trees refers directly to the fake creations, which are now available across modern retailers in a range of different colours and finishes – including glitter covered structures, real replicas crafted in forest green with wood-finish trunks, bright pink and other vibrant coloured trees, and even trees which have lights and decorations built into the main structure of the tree. These fake trees are also popular for the simple fact that they do not drop needles all over the floor – something which clean homeowners particularly love. And then we have the fact that a tabletop Christmas tree can be selected in any size and so can create the ideal centrepiece for a coffee table, a dining table, a side table or even a complete sideboard or kitchen island. By keeping your small tree on top of a table rather than stood on the floor, you immediately reduce the hazard of pets or small children pulling off and choking on small removable ornaments and items, allowing the homeowner to invest in some really high end and ornate details and decorations.

Things to consider when buying a tabletop tree

As your Christmas tree is going to stand atop a surface or table, it is important to note the height of both the tree and the table you are going to stand it on, so that you can have an accurate idea of the overall height at which your tabletop tree will stand. Ideally you want the tip of your tree to stand above the height of your children so that the tree remains magical and magnanimous in their eyes, though without overpowering the room and making additional decoration more difficult. We tend to recommend that homeowners should also give real thought to storage when selecting a real or fake tree, with fake trees typically ideal for those with little storage space as the structure can be folded into its box and stored neatly in a corner. The best tabletop trees can be found in garden centres and department stores, depending on if you are looking for a real or fake version.

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