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Umbrella Stands

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Umbrella Stands

What hallway is complete without an umbrella stand? Designed to hold your umbrella before and after it is needed, the whole point of placing an umbrella stand near the front door is so that you don’t forget it when you go out – and to ensure that you have somewhere safe to store it when you get home.

One of the main things we get asked by members is how best to store an umbrella which is wet, and in that case we would always recommend leaving your umbrella to dry fully open for a short time to ensure that mould doesn’t start to grow in and amongst the folds of material that open to form the umbrella shape. If, however, you need to fold your umbrella down and stash it somewhere more limited on space, ensure that the stand you choose has a base to stop water from flowing out on the carpet or floor below.

The best way to use and place an umbrella stand

Some of the best umbrella stands on the market right now are tall and thin, taking up minimal space but still providing enough room for multiple umbrellas. This design however is based around the traditional long handled umbrella – and doesn’t take into account more compact designs which are becoming increasingly popular with those who like to keep an umbrella on them but want to stash it away in a backpack or handbag. In these cases, smaller umbrellas tend to come equipped with a cord of material which can be hooked onto a coat rack or hall tree – ideal for storage of those smaller and more compact designs.

In the case of a traditional umbrella stand, placing it next to the front door need not create an eyesore, provided you conceal it well behind your coat stand or perhaps a potted plant. And the other alternative is to steer away from blocky or metallic looking stands and instead opt for those with a little more design flair and finesse.

Finding an umbrella stand to suit your home

We all know by now that the hallway is the portal to the rest of your home, introducing guests and visitors to your chosen style with a light atmosphere and minimal furniture. Most hallways are filled with only the most useful of pieces – including in many cases an umbrella stand.

In terms of finding the right one for your home, this is a matter of understanding the style your hallway emanates, and what kind of structure and material is best suited to compliment that style. For a modern home, consider very neutral colours or a wicker material, reflecting more of a basket than a formal stand. This will add a softness to your front door area and will tone down the often harsh reality of a very minimalist entrance way, adding texture and depth.

For a more rustic home, recycled wooden boxes make great umbrella stands as well as focal design features, with some of our favourite being old flower arranging boxes and bottle boxes – which are tall and thin and well suited for the job.

A traditional home meanwhile will likely benefit from a metal stand or one which is a little more muted in design – perhaps build into the side of a wooden unit or attached to a coat stand made with the same material and constructive style.

Where to find umbrella stands

Suitable umbrella stands can be found both in homeware retailers and home accessory stores, with many retailers regarding them less as furniture and more as a decorative accessory or add on for the home.

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