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Wall Mounted Cabinets

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Wall Mounted Cabinets

From kitchens to playrooms, living spaces and bathrooms, sometimes the best way to maximise on both storage and room space is with the addition of wall mounted cabinets. Built in a variety of shapes, sizes and design finishes, most home decoration and homeware stores will offer their own varieties of wall mounted cabinets – many also used across stores as a means of displaying their own items for sale.

The fact is, wall mounted cabinets not just expand on the floor space available but also raise certain items up to eye level, making it easier for them to be found. Cookbooks, for example, are a good example of an item which would be best placed at eye level – with many of our members investing in a series of wall mounted cabinets for their kitchen, not just to store books but also for spices, ingredients, and other things they need to be able to find quickly and easily.

Where to use a wall mounted cabinet

When it comes to dressing your own home, there is no right or wrong answer about where you should and should not use certain items – particularly when they are as practical and useful as wall mounted cabinets. Some of our favourite examples include mirrored cabinets designed for bathroom use, vibrant and playful designs which work perfectly in a children’s playroom or even a children’s bedroom, and rustic cabinets which work well in a country style farmhouse kitchen.

Of course, if you are looking for a very modern and minimalist style for your home then the wall mounted cabinet market has also got you covered – providing a selection of cabinets which are a little quirky in their design and fit perfectly into corners or blend well into wall spaces. One of our favourite examples is a wall mounted cabinet which actually spans across an entire wall in terms of width, but only fits out from the wall for a few inches – allowing it to blend in and actually create more of a design feature than a practical piece of furniture.

In essence, a wall mounted cabinet should be used in any room where you have limited space but need some extra storage – expanding the use of the space you have available, while remaining in keeping with the style and finish of the room.

How to ensure a wall mounted cabinet is safe

The most important part of wall mounted safety, whether it be a cabinet, a piece of art, or any other item, is positioning it somewhere where users do not risk knocking their heads on it or opening the doors out onto something else.

The fact is, many homeowners and buyers measure height and width without considering the importance of depth – in fact the key measurements in determining how far the item will stick out from the wall, and how much space you need to give it in order to ensure it can be used effectively and safely.

When you search for your cabinet, and particularly if it is for a smaller room, consider one with sliding doors rather than ones which open outwards- immediately eliminating the risk that you will open it out onto your head or something else.

For the best selection of wall mounted cabinets in all manner of materials, colours and stylistic finishes, we recommend checking out our range of homeware and furniture retailers, as well as interior stylists who can provide inspiration around how best to dress and furnish a room to maximise on space and style.

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