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Wall Mounted Shelves

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Wall Mounted Shelves

Attaching a block of shelves to the wall is often used in modern and contemporary homes to showcase a rustic and practical stylistic element, with one of the key fundamentals of a modern design theme being that every object and item embraces its structural purpose rather than just hiding behind accessories and colour.

Ranging from metal shelving structures to solid wooden blocks and everything in between, making sure that your wall mounted shelves are structurally sound and reliable is the most important part of any installation project – followed closely by the practicality of placement and location, and the design finish and aesthetic of your chosen style.

Making sure your shelves are reliably mounted

Most wall mounted shelves now available on the market come in two key parts – the shelving surface itself, and the hard metal mounts which screw into the wall and prop the shelf up. The beauty of any wall mounted shelves is that you have complete power over where you want them placed and in which room you would like them – though this freedom also leaves you subject to the challenge of installing them straight; something which calls for an investment in the tools required for straight line DIY projects, often known as a spirit level.

When it comes to fixing the wall mounts to your wall, it is also important to make sure that they are not only straight but that they are thoroughly fixed into the wall – and that you have done so without damaging any major electric cables. We suggest using an electrical cable detection tool prior to any drilling, to make sure the wall in your desired location is completely clear and safe.

Deciding on the right location for your wall mounted shelves

When it comes to any form of shelving whether freestanding or wall mounted, assessing what they are destined to hold and then deciding on the ideal height and location for your shelves is key. While some products need to be within easy reach of most members of your household, there are equally important items and objects which you will want to keep far enough from the ground to keep young children and pets away from them – for example cleaning products or your secret stash of biscuits.

Though you may be free to mount your wall shelves wherever you choose, we recommend spending a little time prior to installation checking where you regularly walk through the home, and where your shelves will be on show enough to make sure nobody accidentally walks into them.

Then there is the design aesthetic that wall mounted shelves make possible. Stylishly installed shelves without edges can provide a sleek design finish to your room – while some of the versions designed for children can turn a boring set of shelves into a whimsical fantasy. Some of our favourites around at the moment are thick wooden block shelves with black metal holders to create a statement in your modern living space, and wall mounted shelves which fit together to create a wooden tree on your wall – perfect for a children’s bedroom or playroom.

Sourcing the best shelves

When it comes to sourcing the best wall mounted shelves you face two options – purchase a ready-to-install set from one of our homeware retailers who provide everything you will need, or else source your own shelving surface and head to one of our DIY retailers to pick up the installation mounts and screws you will need to secure your shelves.

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