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Small space, smart solutions – the power of multifunctional furniture

Small space, smart solutions – the power of multifunctional furniture

Today’s living space is more condensed and often multifunctional. Sometimes you just have to make better use of your living space and feel like you have more room – even if you don’t. 
Discover a new way of living with the innovative collection of transforming furniture – a smart solution to use available square meters of your flat or house effectively. 

Pepper Sq launched in Oct 2018 to address the emerging need: consumers find furniture shopping extremely complex and time-consuming, especially online. We are on a mission to simplify the furniture buying experience and help consumers to make a confident purchase decision when they buy furniture online. 

We have introduced a new collection of innovative, transforming and space-saving furniture that doubles up functionality in the most commonly seen areas of home. In this way, people can eat, sleep, work and study — all within the very same space. Multifunctional furniture has numerous benefits especially when it comes to smaller, multi-use spaces.

Even though transformable furniture pieces are perfectly suited for small space living, that doesn’t mean that you have to live in a small space to fully appreciate them. If you have to decide on whether you can have an office or a bedroom, with the right transformable pieces, you don’t have to choose one over the other. Our collection of transforming furniture includes practical yet stylish pieces that will perfectly go with both classic and modern  interior designs.

Coffee date to dinner party

The Barbican Table transforms from a small coffee table into a full dining table. This coffee table is a visual focal point for the greater part of the day but come dinner time, it transforms to reveal a handy secret. It rises to dining table level and sits pretty as you set places. Depending on the number of people present it can be expanded to seat up to ten.

Barbican Rectangular Transforming Coffee - Dining Table, Grey

Desk to dinner

The convertible Flap console desk transforms into a dining table for two in just seconds. And in case two more guests arrive, a few more seconds is all you need to set them a place.

Flap Transforming Console - Dining Table 150 cm, Light Grey

The innovative Levante is both a height adjusting coffee table and an extendable dining table at the same time! – a height adjusting coffee table and an extendable dining table at the same time. The top is made from dark brown veneer oak with a rustic finish which contrasts with its contemporary metal base.

Levante Transforming Coffee - Dining Table, Veneer Top

Home office to guest bedroom

Fusion table-beds combine longevity, a comfortable sleeping experience, beautiful design and ease of use. 

During this year, the need for a dedicated workspace at home has increased. You might want to upgrade your workstation to something more ergonomic and comfortable. The Fusion Desk turns into a single bed in 10 seconds allowing you to have both a home office and a spare room when needed.

Fusion Desk Transforming to Single Bed, Oak

From dinner party to sweet dreams

With an innovative patented mechanism, the Fusion Dining Table (seating 6-8 people) can easily be turned into a double bed or vice versa. 
The waterproof sealing strip keeps the bed dry even if something is spilled on the table.  The mechanism hides the linens inside the table, so there is no need for extra storage. This innovative piece of multi-functional furniture is ideal for a studio apartment allowing you to host a sizeable dinner party and enjoy a good night’s sleep after using the same piece of furniture!

Stylish storage

We could all do with a little more storage. The Scandinavian classic, Bo Bench allows you to cleverly stow away your essentials as well as providing extra seating at your table. The bench features a removable lid and a slim shape making it ideal for storage as well as for pairing with a range of table designs.

The Arc side table features a minimalist Danish design which is both modern and practical thanks to its functional storage. Simply rotate half of the circular lid to uncover the inside storage space.

The Arc coffee table exhibits a minimalist Danish design which is modern and practical with its functional storage. By simply rotating half of the circular lid to uncover the inside storage space, the expression of the table is ever changeable.

Space savers

HAGEN fold-away desk is known for style and convenience. The desk folds flat making it perfect for your work from home pop-up office. An ideal desk where space is limited that will be enjoyed for years to come. Hand crafted from sustainable oak in a natural finish complemented with fine brass finishes.

After a long hard day of working from home wouldn’t it be great to just fold away your desk and forget about it all until the next day? With the Fraser folding desk you can! The Fraser folding desk is designed for confined spaces and transforms even small areas into both elegant and functional workplaces. Ideal desk for working from home or pop up work spaces. The wall-mounting system secures a minimal footprint while allowing for a very light appearance due to the slim tabletop and light design.

The living space is getting more condensed and multifunctional. Sometimes you just have to make better use of space you have so that you feel like you have more room - even if you don’t. Here at Pepper Sq. we will help you to create a home of your dreams without  compromise for style or comfort.

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Oxana Yanushkovskaya

Created By

Oxana Yanushkovskaya

Oxana is the founder and inspirational behind the innovative online furniture retail brand, Pepper Sq. Her passion for home interiors and expertise in the furniture and furnishings market bring all things interior design to life.

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