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Bathroom Pendants

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Bathroom Pendants

The easiest way to identify a pendant light for any room in the house is by picturing a jewellery pendant and placing the main identifying features of that into the lighting fittings in your home. In essence, a pendant style light is one which hangs down in one single structure, often creating some kind of statement either with its cord or its bulb and shade, or even both in some cases.

Typically linked with an industrial style of home décor, pendant lights are now becoming increasingly popular across the rest of the home and different styles – taking into account not just the industrial hanging of a plain lightbulb, but also the more ornate use of mosaic and glass domed structures, chandelier style hanging lights, and more modern sphere shaped lights.

In a bathroom the main focus of a light needs to be a seamless and powerful glare, and health and safety regulations which ensure the light will not be affected by the moisture in the air. To achieve this with a pendant light, we need a combination of strong and watertight designs.

The best pendant light for a small bathroom

When dressing a small bathroom, one of the main things you need to focus on is how you are using the space you have available in the best way possible. Pendant lights can work really well across all manners of space, but the height at which the light falls will differ depending on the size of the room – with a lower light not just getting in the way of everyday functionality and use, but also meaning the light doesn’t provide as much light to the room in its entirety. As such, a pendant light for a smaller bathroom needs to be hung much higher – ideally utilising one of the simpler and more modern designs such as those with a plain white spherical casing.

If you want to add visual excitement and interest to your bathroom pendant light in a small room, consider the power of the cord itself as an extra feature of your potential décor and design – for example finding a chain which compliments the surrounding style, or an intricate rope which lends itself well to a more rustic finish.

The best pendant light for a large bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, the options for pendant lights are a little more open – with some of the best designs on the current market including bell style glass lamp shades, wide industrial shades in different tones of grey and beiges, simple metal structures which create grandeur from their height and length more than their design, and the quality of the bulb which – believe it or not – can completely transform the way a bathroom looks.

One of the most popular modern ways of lighting a bathroom in a modern home uses a fairly dim and atmospheric bulb, with the inclusion of bath bar lights at either side of the mirror for when an intense burst of light is needed – for example when applying make-up. At all other times, the pendant light with its atmospheric bulb is enough to add enough light to see but without the space becoming clinical in appearance.

When you go to buy your pendant bathroom light, remember that the bulb itself is as important as the light fitting – as the power of the bulb can completely transform the way a light looks. For the best and widest selection of options, head to homeware retailers and lighting specialists – particularly those well versed in bathroom fittings.

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