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The way you choose to furnish and dress your bed is always a matter of personal taste and preference – with some opting for layers of sheets and blankets, while others prefer one heavyset duvet. Many of our members have different bedding for different seasons, with many exploring the option of utilising a thinner summer duvet in the warmer months and a much thicker duvet for winter. While this is certainly one way of ensuring that you are giving yourself the optimum level of comfort for nighttime, it is not the only way of doing so – with layered bedding popular in European countries where more layers are simply added to increase the amount of warmth when it gets cold. And bedding doesn’t end there. From pillows to sheets and additional extras, the things we put on our bed are reflective of our sleep style and design taste – and can in fact be used to take our bedroom from normal to chic – very quickly.

Selecting the right duvet

When it comes to buying a duvet, the best retailers you can opt for are bedding specialists and department stores with large bedding collections. Understanding the different tog ratings, the benefits of different fillings and the range of different structures are all areas that the average buyer won’t know about – which is why seeking the help of a specialist is so important when selecting your duvet. As such, our first recommendation is to always buy in-store so that you can speak to an expert! One of the first and most important considerations when selecting a duvet for your bedding is the filling – whether you go for a natural filling such as duck or goose feathers which provide optimum warmth and a breathable base layer, or a synthetic filling which is lightweight and more affordable. Once you’ve made this selection, you’ll also be drawn into the covering, for example, hypoallergenic duvets for those who suffer from allergies, and the tog rating which determines the thickness of the duvet. The tog rating is where many of our members will face challenges, and this is what leads to different duvets being purchased for different seasons. TOP TIP: Children have a much higher resting body temperature than adults, and so do not require as high a tog rating as an adult might.

The benefits of a well-chosen pillow

A well-selected and comfortable pillow can:

  • Enhance the quality of your sleep

  • Provide neck support

  • Prevent headaches and other aches and pains

Locating your perfect pillow may take some time and trial and error, though again we suggest speaking to a specialist bedding expert who can advise the best options based on your current sleep pattern and comfort levels, and any external factors.

Tying your bedding together for a stylish finish

When we go on holiday, we love folding back the different layers of sheets designed to keep us warm – with the layering allowing every guest to select how much covering they want, by discarding or adding more layers. Not only is this comfortable and practical, but well-dressed sheets actually look great as well – and replicating that holiday style in your own home is simple, using straight line sheets and matching pillows, as opposed to duvet bedding. For the best selection, visit large department stores and furnishing specialists rather than bed stores, as homeware brands are more likely to host a selection of bedding tailored to design as well as practical comfort.

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