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Bird Perches & Play Stands

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Bird Perches & Play Stands

From naturally assembled stands made from woods and soft ropes, to vibrantly coloured plastic elements which all piece together to create something unique and visually intriguing for your pet birds, the wide selection of bird perches and play stands which can now be found across pet specialist stores and broader retail options is such that every homeowner has a choice of items to pick from.

While many bird cages and aviaries come complete with built-in perches and hanging stands, there are others which come as a blank canvas and can be dressed up and accessorised according to the needs of your pet bird and the aesthetics which will match your home.

What are bird perches and play stands?

The basic idea behind any bird perch or play stand is that the bird has somewhere to rest, and to engage in various levels of play from picking at food and solid treats to swinging and moving across ladders spanned across small playgrounds and play areas. With retailers and bird specialists understanding more and more what pet birds need in order to stay stimulated and entertained, consumers now have the option to invest in complete play sets for their birds – often at affordable prices.

When it comes to looking for the ideal bird perch and play stand for your cage or aviary, we recommend putting time into creating varying levels and layers around the space, establishing different viewpoints from which your bird can enjoy and take in the space around them. Perches and stands are created and designed at all manner of different heights with the most expensive pieces both taller and wider than much smaller surface level products. Which one you choose will depend on how many birds you have and how much space you have to fill. It is also worth taking note of the stability of the pieces you place into your bird cage, with the best perches and stands being those with fairly solid bases or else ones you can slot onto the edges of the cage for extra hold.

Another option for consumers on a budget is to take existing ideas and channel them into something handcrafted and homemade, with some of the best playgrounds made up simply of sticks and ropes tied together to create varying heights and spaces for the bird to move across and through.

Can I bring a bird perch or play stand into my home without ruining the aesthetic of my house?

In short, yes! Bird cages were once – and are still – considered a wonderful form of decoration for both a traditional and a modern home, with bird perches and play stands only adding to the unique visual interest of each piece and adding extra life to the cage. If you live in a modern home and are concerned about something too bright invading the modern and neutral tones of your home, consider opting for the pieces made with natural wood and other materials; moving away from the bright plastics of the more vibrant stands.

Another thing you can do is create an aviary outside or in a functional extra space in your home, for example the garage or shed, if you are worried about the aesthetics of disruption that inside birds might bring to your home.

For the best selection of bird perches and play stands for different sized birds and varying home styles, head to both pet specialist stores and department stores, as well as homeware and home accessory retailers.

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