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Chicken Coops

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Chicken Coops

From providing protection to your chickens, to keeping your garden clean and tidy with only certain areas being utilised by the chickens at any one time, all the way through to making the daily egg collection process much easier, investing in a quality coop is a move worth making if you are going to bring chickens into your life.

Whether you opt for a large hutch style construction complete with water troughs and feeders, or else select something which is portable and can be moved around your garden and outside space at will, the basic concept of a chicken coop is that it must be airtight with regards to the framing, and completely covered with chicken mesh – both around the sides and over the top for protection from foxes and other predators. Where possible it is also worth burying the edges of the wire into the ground a little around the outside of the coop, to ensure that no other animals are able to dig their way in to the coop.

The different types of chicken coop you can get

We often get homeowners asking us what the best style of coop is for their home and lifestyle, with some benefitting from great expanses of outside space while others are relegated to much smaller patches of outside space and thus must find other ways of keeping their chickens safe and entertained. For the most part, the most popular chicken coops are those which use height as a leading factor as well as the overall ground footprint – creating levels for the chickens to sit upon and enjoy; however there is also a growing trend in homeowners selecting barns and larger shed style coops which provide the chickens with plenty of space and which are also easier for owners to access in order to clean them out and collect the eggs.

Because no matter how airtight your coop is, you still need to make it easily accessible for daily checks and egg collections, and need to be able to get to and catch the chickens for regular checks when they are not behaving normally. The fact is that chickens are very habitual creatures and so if you notice one or two behaving oddly it can be very important that you get to them quickly. This becomes much more difficult if access into the coop is not easy.

Things to consider when buying a chicken coop

First and foremost, you will want to spend time considering the different sizes and styles of coop and how they will impact on your own enjoyment of any outdoor space you have. Chickens are hugely productive and can be very beneficial as family pets, however they do make mess and noise and thus homeowners may find that they would rather leave a little distance between their chickens and their houses where possible.

It is also worth considering the construction of the coop and whether it will be strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions – and also create and provide warm and dry spaces for all the chickens to stay safe during storms and wet weather. Having plenty of roosting space for your chickens is the most important thing to mention, and so we recommend knowing exactly how many chickens you are going to buy and own before selecting your coop.

For the widest variety of coops in terms of sizes and styles, head to specialist pet stores, ecommerce stores which specialise in chicken coops, and marketplace retailer sites.

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