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Children's Wall Stickers

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Children's Wall Stickers

We often see members and parents looking for new and innovative ways of brightening and livening up their children’s rooms, without the intense effort required from a pot of paint and their interpretation of their child’s wishes. It could be a princess castle, or it could be a pirate ship – whatever it may be, more and more frequently we are seeing parents searching for ways to bring their child’s dream settings to life without attempting it themselves; leading to the huge increase in the amount of children’s wall stickers now available for market.

How do wall stickers work?

Printed onto a self-adhesive thin and glossy type of vinyl material, the best wall stickers are made with a quick and easy peel off, which can be removed before the sticker is applied to the wall.

The flatter the wall surface the better, and we do suggest that if the sticker is particularly large or fiddly in terms of its design, you employ the help of at least one other adult during installation to make sure that all the pieces of the sticker become stuck to the wall in the right places.

The benefits of wall stickers in a child’s room

One of the biggest challenges facing any parent decorating their child’s room, is the consistency with which children change their minds and switch between favourite characters, themes and styles. What is super popular one day will be at the back of their minds the next day – and so one of the most important things about decorating a child’s room is to remember that a wall decoration they love today may be gone tomorrow.

With that comes some of the benefits of wall stickers:

  • They provide high end colour and design so that you can achieve the perfect finish quickly and easily

  • They are generally easy to remove with no residue left on the wall

  • They should not peel any paint away upon removal

  • They should be non-toxic and totally safe for children

  • They are available in a wide range of styles, designs, finishes and sizes

Picking the best children’s wall stickers

By removing the complexity of creating your child’s ideal design, the beauty of children’s wall stickers is that you can go for the most detailed and complex design possible and it won’t be anymore difficult to put up than something plain and simple.

Some of the best wall stickers around for children right now allow them to turn their entire room into a thematic setting – boasting full wall coverings which turn neutral décor into the inside of a castle, or a scene under the sea. Additional stickers can then be added at random to allow them to make the space entirely their own – for example placing fish where they want them to be and adding other features of their own choice.

If you prefer to keep the space primarily neutral and just add small pockets of colour through children’s wall stickers, the range of smaller stickers is just as broad – with everything from different dinosaurs to fairies and flowers available for your child to place on their wall.

And as your child grows up, why not expand from vibrant colours into favourite quotes and other wording wall stickers, for example splashing their name across the wall over their bed or putting inspirational words around the outside of their mirror and bedroom door.

All these ideas and more can be put to good use across homeware and interior style retailers, where members can browse the ranges of wall stickers and find the perfect décor for their child.

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