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Children's Wall Lights

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Children's Wall Lights

The concept of a wall light can be used as a decorative accessory or the main source of light in a room, depending largely on the style of light you opt for and the intensity and brightness of the bulb. With designs which range from character-heavy visual structures through to simple constructions which rely more on shape than the images of characters and creatures, the best wall lights for children tend to be those which inject warmth into the room and bring the source of light down to a level which is more suitable for children’s every day use.

Styles of wall light for a young child

As a young child, most of the design and style in your room is decided by your parents, and those who visit the room regularly and take more enjoyment from its aesthetic appearance than you would. Wall lights in an infants room are particularly popular with new mothers as they allow for an easy to control and more localised source of light which they can switch on in a particular area to shine a light during night feeding and story time, as opposed to the brighter and all-encompassing power of a ceiling light.

In terms of the best style for this kind of use, we recommend something which a cap on the top which traps light and causes it to shine outward instead of upwards, forcing the beams to fill the space around the light without adding light to the entire room.

Styles of wall light for older children

As your child grows up, however, you may find yourself leaning towards a brighter source of light on the wall which adds to the thematic finish of the room and allows the child to really immerse themselves in the characterisation of their own space. Some of the most popular designs use very basic reinforced plastic surrounds to protect the bulb, printed with imagery which not only shines bright when the light is on but can also reflect different shapes onto the opposite wall using the power of layered paint and thin materials.

Other popular ideas for older children include innovative structures which encompass the lightbulb into their design, stylish basic structures with intricate patterning adorning the surface fabric, and old fashioned style naked bulbs which add a little elegance and grandeur to the space and can make it look whimsical and fantastical.

Things to consider when installing wall lights for children

The main thing to consider is the height of the wall light, taking care to position it in a location which serves its purpose and provides optimum light for your child’s use, without positioning a heavy structure right at the height on which they could knock their head or cause other accidents. It is also worth considering the position in line with where their bed is and where they might open cupboard doors and drawers, again to avoid accidents and to ensure that the wall light serves a purpose of adding to the decorative detail and also fulfils its functional use as a light.

If you’re not sure about the right intensity of the bulb which is suitable for your child, or have concerns around safe installation, consider bringing in a professional. Otherwise wall lights are relatively easy to fix to the wall, and can be picked up in most department stores, homeware accessory retailers and even some DIY light stores – though the best children’s designs and exciting styles may be more prominent in homeware stores than DIY shops.

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