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Christmas Bedding

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Christmas Bedding

When the festive season descends, the way that you choose to invite Christmas décor into your home can range from the bright and colourful through to the subtle and cosy – and in the modern market, there is a bedspread waiting for every type of buyer. Christmas bedding is something that used to be reserved for children, but which now is embraced by every age group with rich festive colours, playful patterns and chunky knit blankets thrown in to turn your normal bed into something a little special for Christmas. Some of the most whimsical and exciting bedding options are still designed with children in mind, though retailers are now extending their ranges to encompass larger beds and more grown up styles, which include greys and reds and a combination of repetitive festive patterning and fun characters.

Christmas bedding for children

Christmas is no doubt the most magical time of the year for children, and what better way to ensure they wake up revelling in the magic than by laying them to sleep in bedding which emanates Christmas? Some of our favourite designs are found across homeware and department store retailers, ranging from elf bodies to match your children’s head to, to visual representations of Christmas morning, bright coloured gifts and Christmas trees, and whimsical reindeer and elf characters. It is worth remembering when you purchase that Christmas tends to also be the coldest time of the year, and so investing in a fleecy blanket and cosy pyjamas will ensure your children stay warm all night – and can be equally as festive in design!

Christmas bedding for adults – keeping it classy?

Keeping it classy with Christmas bedding may sound impossible, but the modern market is full of options which encompass ideas we view as festive – without sticking red noses and elf ears on them. The popular patterning which adorns fair isle knitted jumpers is one such design, with many adult bedding options including the intricate design of a fair isle knit as a border or in lines across the bed sheets. Add to this the warmth of rich reds, and the wintery greys and shades of blue, and you end up with Christmas bedding which is suitably festive while remaining stylish. Another option for adult Christmas bedding is to simply pick a colour which you deem to be festive, and then accessorise it with more vibrant throws and cushions. Candy canes are a popular motif around Christmas time and can be found across lots of different cushions during the winter months. Similarly, chunky knit blankets and throws are ideal for all year round, but when chosen in a festive colour can take your bed from boring to festive quickly and easily.

Purchasing the best Christmas bedding

Christmas bedding needs to be warm; it needs to be comfortable, and it needs to make you happy. Some of the best ranges we have seen can be found in department stores around Christmas time, with most collections only available during the seasonal months. If you’re looking for Christmas bedding on a budget, consider looking in the after-Christmas sales ahead of the following year – perfect for those members who like to plan ahead. Otherwise, why not create your very own unique Christmas bedding? From knitted blankets to patchwork quilts with all your favourite festive images on them, a little DIY sewing or knitting can provide you with a really special festive memory which you can bring out every year, and which will suit any plain bedding by adding some festive fun whenever you want it.

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