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Christmas Dining Bowls

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Christmas Dining Bowls

Making Christmas special is something that many households and homeowners put a lot of time and effort into, taking care to serve up the best entertainment, to fill the house with festive treats and decorative accessories, and feeding families and friends with homemade specialties.

Of course, for those who regularly look dinner for their family and large groups, making Christmas meals stand out is no mean feat – with one of the most common questions we see being around how to really elevate a Christmas meal and make it feel that little bit more special – no matter what is on the menu. Our answer? Christmas dining bowls.

When to use Christmas dining bowls

The thing about a Christmas meal is that we all have our expectations around the main meal of the day – particularly on Christmas day itself. The Christmas dinner, packed full of turkey and roast potatoes, gravy, vegetables and all the extra trimmings we have come to love, often overfills a plate to such an extent that the surface of the plate can barely be seen. While this main dish is so clearly a festive meal that it needs little added décor, it is the starter and dessert courses, as well as the dining dishes in the centre, which sometimes need a little helping hand to make them feel more festive and full of Christmas joy.

That’s where Christmas dining bowls come in, particularly beneficial to serve soup starters and bowls of Christmas pudding and custard at the end of a long and delicious meal. Using Christmas decorated dining bowls for these less important dishes means that every course of a Christmas meal can be truly enjoyed as a celebration of the festive spirit, livening up the aesthetic of the table and making all your guests and diners’ smile.

Best examples of Christmas dining bowls

When it comes to finding the best Christmas dining bowls for your Christmas meal, whether they are for starters, desserts, or holding extra trimmings during the main course, we recommend first looking for a set which boasts plenty of units – ideal for extra leftovers, trimmings and surprise dishes brought by guests and other visitors.

The modern market tends to be separated depending on home styling type, with most retailers offering modern and minimalist options in terms of design, alongside those which embody festive vibrance and use colour and patterning to really celebrate the occasion. Some of our favourite Christmas dining bowls take traditional festive colours and use them in elegant ways – for example adding flecks of red and gold to the interior of a dining bowl, or using rings of colour and small holly leaf patterns to line the inside and outside rim of the bowl.

Things to consider when buying Christmas dining bowls

One of the main things you need to consider with your Christmas dining bowls is the quantity of bowls you are getting, closely followed by the size and shape of the bowls in line with what you will be serving. One of the most overlooked things about any kind of dining bowl is the size and capacity of the bowl, with so many homeowners coming to us looking for bowls which will not look underfilled when they are filled with a small portion – but which are still safe and easy to carry and serve without spillages.

We recommend, especially at Christmas time, looking for bowls with a wide but shallow finish, allowing the user to enjoy the interior decoration and colouring, as well as a good access point to the food inside. For the best dining bowls, visit department stores and dining retailers in the run up to Christmas!

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