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Christmas Crockery & Serveware

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Christmas Crockery & Serveware

When it comes to dressing the home and laying the table for Christmas, we all have our own timelines, preferences and traditions. From frequent meals with the whole family, to gatherings with friends and family, right through to just the one full blowout meal on Christmas day, a Christmas meal would not be the same without the festive decorations – both on and around the table itself.

Christmas crockery is a sector with a very specific user timespan, and yet the range of options available on the market is wide and varied; ensuring that every buyer can find something to their taste – be it vibrant and tacky, or elegant and subtle.

What is Christmas crockery?

In essence, the crockery you lay your table with throughout the year encompasses the knives and forks, plates and bowls, serving spoons and large dishes. The crockery you use will largely depend on the number of people you are feeding and the kind of meal you are serving up, though when it comes to Christmas crockery we often find that most designs come in sets which include meat trays, serving bowls and platters, plates, bowls and sometimes even napkins and napkin rings (though these can also be purchased separately if you want to add a little bit of a different decorative spin to the finish of your table).

What kind of serveware should I invest in for my Christmas table?

If crockery refers to the bowls and plates within a Christmas set, then the serveware is the larger dishes, platters and serving spoon which accompany them – often designed with a more vibrant variation of the same pattern so that the plates being eaten from are a little more subtle while the centre of the table is adorned with the real decoration.

Some of the best serveware specifics we have seen take the colours of the plates and bowls and fuse them together to create festive scenes and patterns – for example if the plates and bowl are alternated with red and gold flecks, the central serveware might fuse the two together into an ornate pattern.

Selecting the right serveware is a combination of decorative design and colour, and the size of the dishes and the way they work in line with what it is you want to serve. If, for example, you plan on serving a lot of Christmas roast dinners and do not plan on serving up any stews or casseroles, opt for a serveware set which includes lots of different platters and not as many casserole dishes and bowls.

How can I keep my Christmas table clean but fun and festive?

This is where we recommend you first decide on the decorative scheme and theme for your home, ideally before you invest in and search for the perfect Christmas crockery and serveware. Ideally, you want your serveware and dining set to blend in and compliment the rest of the home nicely around Christmas time, creating a harmonious decorative style which is festive but not too over the top that it becomes tacky.

A lot of this can also be emanated in the material you choose and the way that you lay out your Christmas crockery and serveware – for example if you have very bright crockery, keep the table cloth and napkins as plain and neutral as possible. If, on the other hand, the patterning and festivity in your crockery is subtle and minimal, use the fabrics in the room to add extra depth and texture to the overall look of the room.

The best Christmas crockery and serveware can be found in the run up to Christmas across department stores and homeware retailers.

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