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Christmas Mugs

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Christmas Mugs

Whether it’s in the office, at home or at a friend’s house, we all have a favourite mug – the perfect size and shape, with a comfortable handle and sturdy structure. And for those who love Christmas, the arrival of the Christmas mug is an annual event almost as important as the day itself. But what makes a great Christmas mug, and where can you find them?

What to look for in a great Christmas mug

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas mug, all rules are off the table. From novelty figures to Christmas carol lyrics, traditional image prints and festive jokes, the best Christmas mug is one which will make you smile and feel super festive, from the very first sip of your morning coffee – some even come with a knitted jersey to embrace the full Christmas spirit. Of course, with novelty figures and festive jokes come a few warnings – including those jokes which may not be suitable in the office, and figurines and characters which may make for a more challenging drinking experience. Most popularly purchased as gifts, many of our retailers offer reindeer and moose-shaped Christmas mugs with antlers built into the ceramic structure of the mug, meaning that drinking is somewhat of an obstacle course with every sip. But when it comes to appearance, these are some of the best, with many retailers offering sets of novelty mugs which can be displayed together, stacked and fitted together like a puzzle of mugs.

The top uses of Christmas mugs

Aside from buying yourself a Christmas mug to drink from, one of the most popular searches associated with Christmas mugs is in relation to Secret Santa gifts – for office colleagues, friends and even family members. Some of the most popular Christmas mugs for friends include those that come as a gift pack, including chocolates, drink sachets and even little gift items and decorative accessories. Meanwhile the most popular searches for colleagues and work mates cover humorous and novelty graphic mugs. Other uses of Christmas mugs have seen a vast increase in popularity over the last few years, including special Christmas eve mugs designed to be enjoyed on “the night before Christmas”, special mugs to leave out for santa, and sets of mugs for families – with different sizes according to the different family members.

Where to find the best selection of Christmas mugs

In terms of narrowing down your search to find the bets mugs, those available in high street retailers often cover the vast majority of categories, favouring quantity and quality and selling thousands every year. If you are looking for something a little more unique or even tailored to the recipient, small business retailers and crafters specialise in individual designs which make great gifts. Some of our favourite retailers narrow the search down by gender, age and interests, as well as budget – making for a great shopping experience. For those members looking for something a little more delicate and decorative, not all Christmas mugs are novel and vibrant in colouring and design. Both our high end and more affordable retailers boast a wide range of options, including those which are a little more subtle in design and embrace the festivities in a more minimalist way, with hand drawn illustrations, simply slogans and quotes, or just simple snowflake or knitted designs.

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