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Christmas Serveware

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Christmas Serveware

As the Christmas period hits and takes over the nation, meal times become the main time when the family comes together, sometimes as one unit and sometimes with guests. No matter how many mouths you are feeding during any one meal, the serveware you use can mean the difference between a regular meal and one which feels special – especially at Christmas time or during celebrations when home owners bring out “the fine plates”.

Christmas dinner in particular resembles more of a feast, designed to be served across multiple platters and surfaces, with all the trimming and sauces requiring their own serving option. Thus, many retailers offer full dinner sets, including plates and cutlery as well as serving bowls, large plates and placemats – and all designed especially for the festive period.

What is included in Christmas serveware sets

The truth is, many of the sets you can purchase across our retailers will include elements you won’t need or use. Not every dish and platter is essential, and many of the most popular sets include so many different elements that you couldn’t possibly use them all.

Having said that, the beauty of a Christmas serveware set is that you can use it to serve your main meal, and smaller buffet dishes on the side – utilising everything from the various bowl sizes, through to the serving trays and novelty gravy boats.

As well as the expected items, some of our favourite serveware sets include spoon rests and jugs, ranging from the most novel and entertaining designs through to the more intricate and elegant finishes.

TOP TIP: One way to ensure that everyone around the table is happy at Christmas time, is to invest in a child friendly set that will delight the young guests around the table, and then a more adult set to provide an elegant table finish. If you are concerned about the overall appearance

Where to find the best Christmas serveware

When it comes to finding the best selection of Christmas serveware for you home, the first thing to consider is your ideal style and the size of the set you are looking for. While some of our retailers offer unique and one off items to mix and match into your own set, others provide full sets in the same design – often ending up a cheaper option but taking away the option of creating your own individual style.

For those looking online, crafters and small businesses tend to offer more unique and even personalised serveware sets, with some of our favourite items including plates for Santa’s cookie with your children’s names on them, personalised and unique place settings, and family printed platters and bowls.

For those concerned about the overall spend and budget of their serveware, buying in bulk from a homeware retailer can be the easiest way to save and ensure a harmonious finish on your Christmas table. And for those members who may not be able to afford a new serveware set every year, consider doing it yourself! One of the best ways to create your very own unique Christmas serveware sets is to purchase a basic white set, and then decorate each item yourself – involving the whole family and giving each individual their own item to decorate. The perfect family activity at Christmas and a great way to save the money that a full decorated set might cost you.

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