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Christmas Table Centrepieces

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Christmas Table Centrepieces

Bringing Christmas into the home can be done through all manner of festive decorations and additions to the home, whether you choose to add subtle touches all over the house or invest in larger eye catching pieces like Christmas trees and centrepieces which immediately scream of the impending festive spirit.

When it comes to completing your festive dining table, livening up a coffee table or simply adding a little something extra to the sideboard or plain surface in a living space, centrepieces are a great attraction that can take on any form and style that you want. The trick is in using your Christmas centrepiece as a way of tying all your other decoration together under one common theme.

Top uses of a Christmas centrepiece

The centrepiece is there are a constant, on the dining table or another surface in the home, making people smile and remember the festive spirit as they go about their day. One of the main questions we get asked by members is how to give their Christmas table some extra decoration without taking up too much room, as Christmas dinner in particular is a spacious affair with lots of different elements requiring tons of space. Our main solution is to opt for centrepieces which use elevation and height rather than surface level décor, with one of our favourite centrepieces being a very simple candle stick which is ornately dressed in festive ornament, baubles and lights to replicate a metallic Christmas tree in the centre of the table.

Innovative centrepiece ideas

This is where you can super creative, creating and crafting your own Christmas centrepiece from scratch, adding your own unique touches to an existing centrepiece, or else simply picking one you love from a store and buying it for your home.

Some of the best centrepieces we have seen both handmade and store-brought use levels and textures as a means of creating aesthetic value, especially in a modern home where colour is kept to a minimum and it is the use of texture which helps various surfaces and items stand out. Some of the best uses of texture in a centrepiece include homemade elements such as felt baubles and angels, glittery stick-ons, and sequins which add a little extra sparkle which will catch the light and give off different shades and glows as the light in the room changes.

If you are set on a specific colour scheme for your centrepiece, consider ways of bringing other characters and elements into the centrepiece through tones, shades and 3D figurines, with many centrepieces replicating entire scenes – while others simply throw together a series of festive images in one big celebration.

If you are looking to add extra elegance to your centrepiece, fairy lights or candles can be a great addition and mood setter – though candles should be used with care, and when in doubt can be replaced with fake candles to achieve the same effect with none of the risk.

And finally, for those who have no idea what kind of centrepiece they want, consider taking the concept of a centrepiece and altering it to fit your lifestyle – for example creating a centrepiece which hangs rather than sits on the surface; or one which sits on the floor rather than on a dining or coffee table. After all, your home is yours to decorate as you please – especially at Christmas!

For the best store brought centrepieces head to department stores, while some of the most fun and unique homemade creations can be sourced in festive magazines and blog posts.

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