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Curtain Accessories

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Curtain Accessories

When it comes to fitting out and furnishing a window in your home, you will find yourself first confronted with the decision of whether to get curtains or blinds – and then how to ensure that your choice is optimised for ease of use and aesthetic value.

The amount of curtain styles and options on the market today is huge, with homeowners boasting everything from single sash curtains to large floor length curtains framing either side of a French door. The accessories are those items which are added to the curtain operation which make it easier, and often depend on the location of the window and the kind of design style that you are trying to create across the space.

Curtain Hooks

The curtain hooks are the items which sit on the wall at the side of your curtains and hold them back out of the way so that when the curtains are open and technically not in use, they still provide an attractive and clean framing of your window.

One thing we tend to find with curtain hooks is that curtains hand over them for much of the time, immediately meaning that the user should be careful not to choose something too bulky as all that will happen is your curtain material will be pushed out by the strange structure beneath with no one able to see or enjoy it. As such, we recommend keeping your curtain hook stylish but quite simple.

In terms of the best designs, we often find that the most popular curtain hooks are those with simple curved hooks out to the side which clasp and hold the curtains in their open position, and those which are a little more traditional and create a fabric wraparound which is designed to use the same material as the curtain themselves and blend in somewhat to make it look like they are standing open of their own accord.

Curtain Rails/Pole

This is something often overlooked by buyers, and yet the pole or rail across the top of your curtains is not only pinnacle to its functionality but can also play a large part in elevating the overall aesthetics of the room and the window space.

This is where it becomes super important to decide and understand what kind of curtains you are going to buy before looking at poles, because different methods of operation impact the kind of curtain pole that you can choose. For example, eyelet curtains sit perfectly on a wooden or ornate metal pole and slide gently across, while the more modern track and rail curtains operate in a different way which doesn’t reveal the pole and instead appears as though the curtains are just sliding across the wall.

Other Accessories

And then we have the other accessories, including pull cords for those with track and rail curtains which are high up and thus operated by a pull cord, and those with a wooden or metal handle attached to the end of the curtain to help the user push it along the rail.

When you break the curtain accessory market down into the functional and decorative items, you will notice that most of the commonly purchased and popular accessories are primarily practical and useful; linked to the usability of the curtains rather than the way they look. This is because curtains alone are already designed to make a statement, and so accessorising their visual aesthetic is not generally necessary. The best curtain accessories tend to be sold with or beside your curtains, to make sure you investigate the best accessories for you when you buy the curtains.

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