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Executive Chairs

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Executive Chairs

When it comes to creating your own workspace, one of the first things that homeowners look for is the perfect room to transform into their office – with the space available impacting everything from the size and style of the ideal desk, to the way the chair sits behind the desk and the way you lay your furniture out in line with the window, natural light source and electric lighting.

An executive chair is a product which emanates power and discipline, sitting comfortably behind the desk in a show of grandeur. What many of our members constantly ask us is how to create balance in a large office space – and how the décor should differ for a smaller or more limited space. The answer tends to lie in the chair and the way you surround it.

Executive Chair for a large office

A large office is one where you benefit from plenty of space – open to a large desk and a matching chair. The fact is, making a large desk blend in and suit the space requires a suitably large chair; one which will counteract the oversized surface and create an entire workspace rather than a mismatched desk and chair.

If your home office space is large and quite plain, with neutral colours and professional décor but not a lot of personality, one of our top tips is to make sure your executive chair provides some level of aesthetic comfort – whether that be in the colour you choose, the way you furnish it with additional cushions, or the way you accessorise around it.

A more traditional large office will likely rely on dark colours with black chairs being the popular design of choice – however you should attempt to keep this well balanced with lots of natural light to ensure that dark corners don’t get lost.

Executive Chair for a small office

A small office is one which should have a sole reliance on neutral colours and natural influences, in order to inject as much light as possible. When it comes to your main executive chair, keeping the fabric light and the structure clean cut can achieve a really stylish finish which doesn’t overpower the room – while bulky designs and dark colours can quickly overwhelm the space and create a bit of an eyesore.

Smaller offices in particular need to work hard to achieve the right kind of balance, and what this often means is ensuring that you leave adequate space to move around while still optimising your use of the space. A chair which has wheels on the bottom is particularly useful for getting around a small space quickly, allowing you to create a hub of work which you can shift around easily.

The right material for you

Contrary to popular belief, comfort is not all about the padding and the structural design of the chair – though this does have a strong impact on the overall finish of the chair. Material can be just as important in ensuring you get the right finish for you, with many office workers opting for soft fabrics which do not rub against their legs and backs, and which provide breathability in hot weather. Leather is a popular material for its easy cleaning properties and professional appearance however users often find that the material can become quite sticky and uncomfortable in hot weather – often leading to additional cushions being added for comfort.

For the best styles of executive chair, including those designed for small and large spaces, head to office retailers and homeware designers.

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