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Executive Desks

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Executive Desks

Anyone who buys an executive desk, where for their home office or their workplace, is looking to make an impression. Often occupied by the Boss in a large office, or dominating an entire room in the home, an executive desk is one which commands its own presence and acts as a standalone office feature.

Often designed to sit both wide and extremely deep, the executive desk is an ideal office accessory for someone who needs to keep lots of paperwork around them and has little alternative storage – though we always recommend purchasing additional filing cabinet space alongside your executive desk to keep it as clear and stylish as possible.

What makes an executive desk stand out?

An executive desk in the home is a strong representation of work ethic and commitment, and often becomes relegated to its own room. Of course, the beauty of a home office is that you can decorate it however you choose rather than being confined by brand and company rules, and so the executive desk you choose can vary from individual taste.

One of the first and most obvious choices is the hardwood desk – ideal for everything from a professional to a modern, rustic or even casual feel, depending on how you dress and accessorise around it. If you do decide to go for solid wood, spend time reviewing how the large surface looks in terms of aesthetic, as the value of an executive desk is its oversized surface and you want to make sure that the wood ingrained here is as attractive as it can be.

Another option, particularly suitable for a professional and modern environment, is painted MDF or other manmade wood-type materials – most of which manage to achieve a really smooth finish which blends well into the room and creates a seamless and neat workspace. Many of these materials come with a metal frame around the outside of the desk for reinforced strength and to add that little hint of industrial office chic which looks great in the home.

How to accessorise on and around an executive desk

A powerful looking desk deserves a powerful looking chair, and that is why so many office retailers now market their range of desks alongside the perfect accompanying office chair. The fact is, with such a large and dominating desk which draws the eye and creates the illusion of power, you do not want to be getting lost behind it – and that’s why you need to use your chair and the space around the desk as a means of highlighting your own presence.

A high backed chair is the first step, creating the seamless view that you are taller than you actually are, and adding additional levels around the desk which help to balance the room out. Another method is to add a floor lamp or spot lighting in the ceiling, shining across the back of the desk and essentially down onto yourself as the user. Not only will this ensure you always have adequate lighting for when you are doing your work, but it will also provide somewhat of a spotlight onto you which will draw the eye to the user as well as the large desk.

If you’re looking for an executive desk suitable for your home office, office retail stores are the best option when it comes to a wide selection of materials, design finishes, and complimentary chairs and accessories. Be prepared to pay for an executive desk – but revel in the power it gives you.

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