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Garden Stools

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Garden Stools

From stools designed to add aesthetic value and comfort to a stylish garden space, through to those which are primarily designed as functional assists for those engaging in outdoor work, the market for garden stools is one filled with designs, styles and endless possibilities.

While garden chairs and benches tend to be relegated to use as a seat or, at most, a decorative accessory, garden stools are another matter entirely – providing practical outdoor users with a rest for their tools, a step up to reach into a tree or onto a roof, and sometimes even an adjustable knee support for flower bed pruning.

Top uses of a garden stool

First and foremost, as a buyer you need to determine if you want your stool to be designed for multi-purpose usage or if will be purely functional and sturdy or decorative and comfortable. A lot of this rests on the material and construction of your stool, with many practical items able to be folded down for easy storage, while more decorative garden stools designed to be used as seating tend to be left out whether they are in use or not.

The latter style of stool can sometimes be used as a small side table when the need is there, with many homeowners choosing to locate garden stools in conservatory spaces as well as the garden itself as a means of creating harmony and a seamless transition between their inside and outside spaces. Meanwhile, more practical stools are likely to be folded up and stored out of the way when not in use, given their more structured style which focuses more on the use and less on the aesthetics.

Top designs of garden stools

When in comes to selecting the best practical stool, it is worth considering if there are many areas or instances around your garden where you may need a little additional height from a stool or step ladder – with a stool often being the preferable implement for many users thanks to its more sturdy design and the reliance on four legs rather than two.

There are also a wide number of options now available which encompass adjustable leg height settings and an adjustable main surface, allowing you to lower the surface and use it as a kneeling tool with the frame of the legs left as hoists to life yourself back up – before bringing the surface back up and extending the legs to create a stepping ledge to reach greater heights. These tend to be made with metal frames, paired with either canvas or reinforced plastic surfacing.

In terms of decorative stool, you should first consider whether you want your stools to be sat at normal ground level or whether you want them to be a little elevated – with the latter creating more of a bar stool effect with added layers to the aesthetic of your garden, while the former can provide a good seating option for both adults and children.

The design of your decorative garden stools is totally up to you and will depend on the overall style of your garden – however we do recommend putting some thought into whether you need a padded seat, and what material will best serve the purpose of your stool. By way of reference, the most popular material for a garden stool is wood, closely followed by metal and reinforced plastic depending on how durable and stylish you want your stools to be.

For the best selection of garden stools designed for both practical and decorative use, consider garden centres as well as department stores and homeware retailers.

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